It’s been a month since I finished re-reading Les Miserables, and I’m still working on finishing the commentary. I’ve been making an effort to include actual reactions, not just summary, which is one of the problems I’ve had since switching to the kindle and relying on highlights instead of writing my own notes as I go.

I’m making progress. In the past week I’ve added the following three sections covering 100 pages from 883 to 984 two weeks I’ve added the following sections covering about 200 pages. UPDATE (12/31): I’m finished!

  • A Revolting Development – Barricade day arrives, the city really does erupt (this barricade is a small part of a bigger rebellion), and Gavroche isn’t taking things seriously.
  • (From) Drinking to Revolution – Grantaire, Laigle and Joly spend the day in a tavern ignoring the revolt, so when the rest of the students show up, they figure, hey, let’s build our barricade here! Also, Javert isn’t the only infiltrator, and Marius tries to figure out the best way to die.
  • Hey Barricade, Who’s in Charge Here? The first attack and deaths. Marius arrives, guns blazing. (Who knew he could shoot?) Eponine dies. Valjean finds out that Cosette’s been seeing someone, and he’s not happy about it.
  • Barricades of Future Past (Plus Cannon Geekery) – A look at the 1948 revolt, sending fathers home who don’t want to go, geeking out over the army’s new cannon, and Valjean’s marksmanship.
  • Passing Peak Ammunition – The barricade manages to hold out, but loses Gavroche and their star prisoner.
  • Last Stand – Storming the barricade and tavern.
  • What a Wonderful Smell You’ve Discovered – Valjean carries Marius out of the war zone through the sewers.
  • Jumper – Javert doesn’t handle cognitive dissonance very well.
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Marius comes out of his coma, and he and Cosette can finally be together. What could go wrong?
  • This is the End – The wedding is a new beginning for Marius and Cosette, but it’s the beginning of the end for Jean Valjean. Fortunately, Thenardier tries to blackmail the happy couple.

What’s left?

  • 75 pages of the barricade battle.
  • I’ve already written up the flight through the sewers and Javert’s suicide.
  • I’ve written about 75% of the last 90 pages (out of order, so I can’t just put numbers on it): Marius’ convalescence, the wedding, the blackmail attempt, Valjean’s separation from Cosette and his death.

So I’ve got about 100 pages to cover, probably in 5 chunks, and just over a week before the end of the year. I think I actually have a chance of making this goal!

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