Back in 2005, we visited the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. There were active lava flows at the time, but the main caldera was only venting gases (this was before the lava lake formed in Halema‘uma‘u).

We followed the road around the main caldera, then down to the coast to see where lava flows had obliterated the road and look at active flows waaaay off in the distance.

With the current eruption transforming the area, I’ve just uploaded an album to Flickr. You can look at the full-sized images there, or look back at my original blog posts in which I describe the trip.

Wide flat area with cliffs rising to the right, treetops in the foreground.

Expanded from a post at Photog.Social

2 thoughts on “Looking Back at Kilauea

  1. Really cool! I’ve always wondered how volcanoes and lava smells with all of those gasses and extreme heat. You can see the picture but you can only really smell it in person 😞

    Also I recently listened #stuffyoushouldknow podcast about pompey volcano and was surprised to hear that majority of people died from gasses and huge heatwave instead of lava, smoke or ash.

    • I didn’t get close to any of the hot spots when I was there, but it was near enough to smell acrid smoke in the air, and some of the vents had a strong sulfur smell to them.

      That’s interesting about Pompey. I wouldn’t have thought so, but it makes sense. All the tourist guides in Hawaii warned us about “vog” (volcanic fog) & I know it’s a major issue with evacuations & closures related to the current eruption.

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