What with all the media buzz surrounding Pushing Daisies, it seems to me as if you’d have to be pretty dead not to have heard of it. Not to worry, though: protagonist Ned can help with that. Temporarily, at least. You just have to get him to touch you before 8 pm (7 central) tonight, October 3, to bring you back to life…and then keep him from touching you again, or you’ll be permanently kaput. And you’ll miss the show. (It’s on ABC.)

I attended a screening of the pilot at Comic-Con this year and was very pleased with what I saw. It’s hyper-colored, sweet and snarky by turns, narrated by Jim Dale (who did the Harry Potter audiobooks), and hey, Ned is a baker. I’m sold. I can’t wait to see it, and I’ve already seen it. Let’s wake the dead with these ratings.

Yeah sure, Heroes X-Men blah blah blah, but wait, there’s more. I’m getting a distinct vibe from the latest episode that has less to do with mutants than with good TV. This makes me very happy, all the more because I didn’t pick up on it until the third-to-last ep of the season. Of course, that could be just a lack of recent J. Michael Straczynski in my life.

Warning: the remainder of this post contains spoilers for Heroes through episode 1.21 “The Hard Part.” Also, if you haven’t seen Babylon 5 and Memento, or at least have some working knowledge of the two, you probably won’t be able to make head or tail of it. (God knows I can’t, and I wrote the darn thing.) The more background, the better. Continue reading

I can’t believe nobody’s made this comparison yet……it looks like the producers of “Lost” picked the wrong SF TV-show lead to be Alex’s mom:

Tania Raymonde (Lost)Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1)

Of course, it’s entirely possible that they might be able to land Claudia for a recurring guest spot as her “mother” (flashbacks maybe?), and thus call into question through visuals alone whether Danielle is even as right in the head as she seems to be.

Been watching Heroes and loving it. Recently we read a list of names for the characters’ alter-egos. Inspired by this, I bring you my inventions:

Charlie – Flashdrive
Claire – Rebound (or, if you want silly, Anti-Maim)
D.L. – Fade
Eden – Hpnotiq (because somebody’s got to have a cool alternate spelling)
Isaac – Visionary
Micah – Wiretap (because I think Spark would get me in copyright trouble)
Nathan – Rocketman (I’m not the man they think I am at home . . . )
Niki – Evil Twin
Peter – Tabula Rasa (because anything with Mirror sounds too much like Mirror Master)
Sanjog – Dreamtime

I can’t think of anything for Mysterious Haitian Dude, and I just can’t bring myself to use Thought Police for Matt or Mr. Fusion for Ted. And I agree with the OP that Hiro is just Hiro because he rules.

I love carving jack-o-lanterns. These days, though, I don’t have much motivation to do one unless there’s a prize involved. So when I saw that someone on Puzzle Pirates was holding a contest for piratey-themed pumpkin carving, I jumped on it. This is my rendition of the navigation puzzle from the game, and my first-ever attempt at a projector pumpkin. I think it looks okay.

the navigation puzzle has looked better

glowy stars and projected arrrrrs

The lit picture is pretty dark, but it had to be or the “Arrr!” on the wall wouldn’t show up.

Suggestions for next year, or even out-of-season carvings for this year, are being taken……