What with all the media buzz surrounding Pushing Daisies, it seems to me as if you’d have to be pretty dead not to have heard of it. Not to worry, though: protagonist Ned can help with that. Temporarily, at least. You just have to get him to touch you before 8 pm (7 central) tonight, October 3, to bring you back to life…and then keep him from touching you again, or you’ll be permanently kaput. And you’ll miss the show. (It’s on ABC.)

I attended a screening of the pilot at Comic-Con this year and was very pleased with what I saw. It’s hyper-colored, sweet and snarky by turns, narrated by Jim Dale (who did the Harry Potter audiobooks), and hey, Ned is a baker. I’m sold. I can’t wait to see it, and I’ve already seen it. Let’s wake the dead with these ratings.

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