I was thinking about how my step count is waaaaay down just from staying home, but I’m still wearing the tracker for heart rate. So I wondered what else it might be able to infer and went looking…

It turns out some newer fitness trackers can measure oxygen saturation. Imagine hooking that up to an alert for someone who’s been treating at home to catch worsening symptoms early!

Found these posters advertising the opening of a new 24-Hour Fitness gym:

Poster showing partying women and text: Reason #5 of 24 · big fat honkin' party · grand opening · food, fun and prizes! · enter to win a big screen tv! · win a $2000 vacation voucher · 24-Hour Fitness

Wait, something doesn’t fit. A “big, fat honkin’ party?” Last I looked, this was a fitness center, not a fatness center!

It doesn’t help that one of the prizes is a big-screen TV. I didn’t realize “couch potato” fell under the category of “Ultra Sport.” 😀