Forget “Coffee is Hot!” and its variations. What they really need is a warning on iced blended drinks that anything larger than about 12 ounces may separate and require frequent re-mixing unless drunk rapidly. And those are the ones that are mixed well. Let us not speak of the ones you get at the café downstairs from the office, or at rush hour when everyone else in town wants a Frappucino NOW and the baristas are just trying to get through with the blenders as fast as they can. You know, the ones that end up like a coffee-flavored snow cone with a straw.

For some reason, coffee just doesn’t seem to blend with ice as well as fruit does.

Collapsible laundry basket, clearly labeled.

Yes, that really is laundry in there, folks! See how important labels are!

(Speaking of which, I would have posted this earlier, but I just spent 35 ^%$!@ minutes waiting for someone to show up and empty out one of the eight driers that were finished. And they’re double-stacked, so you can’t just pull the clothes out and set them on top. Grrr…)