Hummingbird on a wire with blurred wings.

A hummingbird spotted a couple of days ago. I don’t often get good photos of hummingbirds, since they tend to move so quickly (and sometimes when they do pause, it’s somewhere I don’t feel like I should be aiming a camera, like a neighbor’s yard.)

I still wouldn’t call this one a good shot, but it’s at least an interesting one!

Tumbleweeds tend to collect along roadsides and fences in Orange County, dropping their seeds for the next year. This can lead to some spectacular clusters of car-sized puffballs of plant.

6 or more large, green tumbleweeds by the side of a freeway ramp.
SR-55 off-ramp at Edinger

In a few weeks*, these will dry out, turn brown, and get picked up by the Santa Ana winds. They’ll roll along the road until they hit a fence, or perhaps fetch up against another cluster, and the cycle will start all over again.

* Or possibly already — I took this photo about 3 weeks ago, and with this past week’s heat wave, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.