After a couple of weeks on Opera 9.20, I’ve come to the following conclusions about Speed Dial:

  1. I can’t stand the portal-like page that loads when I open a new tab. It’s slower than a blank page, it’s slower than opening my bare-bones home page, and it makes it tricky to open a new page and middle-click on an empty area to paste in a URL from another app because it’s too easy to click on one of the thumbnails and open one of the speed dial pages instead. (It’s a Unix thing — middle-click usually pastes the current selection, and if you paste to a web page area, most browsers will try to load it as a URL.)
  2. I love being able to hit Ctrl+1, etc. to quickly load those pages.

Once upon a time, wasn’t there an option to choose what would load in a new tab/page?

*This post originally appeared on Confessions of a Web Developer, my blog at the My Opera community.