I just got a complaint about the latest comment on Another One Bites the Dust. Apparently the previous commenter (who checked the “Subscribe to comments” box) either entered someone else’s email address or forgot visiting the site. It’s a name123@example.com-style address, so it could easily have been a typo.

Either way, the new comment notice went out, and the recipient sent me a spam complaint. I apologized and removed him from the update list, but it moves “accidental spam” from a theoretical risk to an observed problem. I’ve disabled the subscription plugin until I have a chance to figure this out.

The good news is that Subscribe to Comments 2.0 is out now, so I should be able to upgrade when I get a chance. The bad news is that it doesn’t seem to have added a confirmation step, meaning it’s still (effectively) opt-out. Sure, you have to opt-in to get it in the first place…but the fact is that anyone can opt you in just by giving your email address instead of their own.