I had a slightly jarring experience on my way back from lunch today which provides a perfect introduction to something I had already planned on writing. I absent-mindedly tuned my car radio to a station that until this week had been an English-language rock station and was briefly surprised to hear a commercial in Spanish. I then tuned to a Spanish-language rock station, and was surprised to hear a song in English. (It was by Shakira, who usually sings in Spanish – and IMO, her Spanish work has been considerably better than the English songs she’s released so far.)

This week’s passing of Cool 94.3 marks the fourth time in just three years that I’ve lost a station from my radio presets. It’s becoming harder and harder to turn on the radio and hear music I like without sitting through too much that I don’t.

Musically I’m down to Star 98.7, which suffers from the binge-and-purge method of playlist scheduling (play the hell out of a song until the audience is sick of it) and an increasing shift toward personalities over music. I can’t hear any music during my morning commute because they run the extremely annoying Jamie and Danny show, and during my evening commute Ryan Seacrest spends more time talking than playing music. To make matters worse, they’re owned by Clear Channel, the broadcasting and concert behemoth known for bullying tactics and centralized scheduling. While I believe Star actually is run out of Burbank, and not piped in from elsewhere, a lot of their smaller stations are largely automated, the DJs pre-recording their bits in central offices to be spliced together to make them sound local. Supposedly on 9/11/01, it took some of their smaller stations hours to figure out how to stop the automated programming and start carrying news.

Clear Channel was also responsible for the demise of Channel 103.1. This station, essentially a re-creation of the former KSCA, called its format “world class rock,” but covered a wide range of material. Their playlist wasn’t just a few dozen songs, but whatever they came across in the Rock, Pop or Blues sections of the record store. It was not uncommon for them to start playing an artist months before the same songs exploded through the more mainstream stations. They followed up KSCA’s “Live from the Music Hall” acoustic CD series with just one offering in the year or two before Clear Channel gobbled up too many LA-area stations and was ordered by the FCC to sell some off. Like KSCA before it, 103.1 was replaced with a Spanish-language station [archive.org].

94.3 had its problems. About a year ago they modified their format from one which was pretty much all stuff I liked (I believe they called it “adult contemporary alternative” or something like that) to one which focused more heavily on local bands. Unfortunately there were valid reasons some of these bands weren’t getting played anywhere else, but most of them were better than listening to Britney Spears or N*Sync. They also dropped their policy of no repeats between 9 AM and 5 PM, which had been very appealing.

94.3’s prior format had been rather similar to that of Mix 95.9, which died shortly before 94.3’s debut, replaced with an “inspirational” (translation: religious (translation: Christian)) music station. One of the great characteristics of 95.9 was that they would play more than just the latest single from an album. They would play other songs, or the album version (if the single was substantially different). Again, 95.9 died as the result of Clear Channel becoming too big.

To be fair, in both cases Clear Channel had put the stations on the air in the first place, but if they hadn’t been so keen to buy up more, they wouldn’t have had to sell them off.

One of the lost stations actually managed to make its way back onto my preset list. The modern rock station Y-107 also went Spanish-language, but eventually I discovered that, unlike the sea of mariachi and banda-type stations, they played rock en español. Alas, my morning commute is timed right in the middle of the period when the DJs get into conversations and take phone calls, and while I could probably read a transcript, I can’t puzzle it out at full speed.

Over the last few months I’ve started listening to NPR news. I’m running out of music.

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  1. during my evening commute Ryan Seacrest spends more time talking than playing music

    Yuck. I thought eventually he’d give up radio and go into TV. That way he could only annoy for half an hour once a week, instead of every commute evening. He has nothing useful to say. I remember he preempted a discussion on Andrea Yates to ask if he really had to continue a date with a woman with visible panty line.

    This man is the sign of a cultural appocalypse.

    Of course, this is from someone who likes shopping at the GAP, so take it for what it’s worth.

    • I used to live down in So Cal where Ryan Seacrest was on Star 98.7. After I moved to Norcal, it wasn’t a couple years before I hear that Ryan Seacrest does radio up here. Im glad I don’t know what radio station he is on but i think it’s just ridiculous. Radio in Norcal has even sucked since they got rid of KWOD 106.5, an alternative radio station who acutally let people listen to NEW artists.. Now it’s been replaced by crappy 90s music. It’s not even the good 90s music. I’m sick of radio ONCE AGAIN!

  2. Agreed. The only good thing about Ryan Seacrest’s show is that it only insults your intelligence, as compared to Jamie and Danny, whose insults are more open. (I swear, the best thing that happened to Frosty and Frank was getting fired from Star – the Frosty Heidi and Frank show is so much better than this drivel.)

  3. Frost, Heidi, and Frank? I knew from Jamie that they’d gotten fired from STAR, but they have a show somewhere else? Being an expatriate, I rarely get to catch up on LA/OC radio.

  4. Yeah, they’re on 97.1 here, from 12-3 on weekdays. I don’t know if they’re syndicated anywhere in your area. The format’s similar – it’s the banter among the three of them that drives the show – but they’re much funnier and much less annoying than they were with Jamie or than Jamie and Danny are now.

    Funny, I hear Heidi used to announce traffic on Star.

  5. The state of SD radio is almost as grim… the only station I tune into anymore is the actually independent, non-corporate KPRI. They play all sorts of stuff — 80s new wave-ish stuff, 80s & 90s alternative, reggae, classic rock, “adult contemporary alternative” and some other stuff in between. Here’s their site… [ed. site’s dead now] For a while you could listen to them online (not a help when commuting, necessarily), but like most net radio, SAG & AFTRA have tied their hands.

    Otherwise, I just listen to CDs, though my commuting time is currently pretty short.

    Clear Channel is evil. If you haven’t read them already, Salon.com has a whole directory of articles on them. Yeah. Anyhow. :/

  6. Not surprised that Clear Channel is evil, really.

    Didn’t KUCI have trouble from them? Clear Channel wanted bandwidth or something and they didn’t see why a college station needed/deserved it? While I’m all for money (it lets me buy shinies), I don’t see why having lots of it gives you the right to crush college radio stations. Grr argh.

    Anyway, CDs used to be the way I’d go. But the Bay has a few more radio stations. Even the heavies like KCBS sound more ammatuerish, somehow. I guess they lack that STAR power. 😉

  7. I know exactly how you feel. I never loved a radio station more than I love Cool 94.3, and when that left you get stuck with Star, the most annoying of all radiostations for the fact that they refuse to take any risks in their radioplay. I avoid Star on my way to work as much as possible for the voice of Jaime causes me to go road rage. I am so desperate, Ive started to occasionally listen to some San Diego radio station with bad reception also owned by the group that formerly owned Cool, but it sounds more like KROQ than Cool.

  8. Jaime, Frosty and Frank started out here in Colorado (where I’m writing from) and for 5 years they had a lot of faithful listeners, including me. Then popularity and money brought them to California, and even though there show was also played out here, that’s when things changed between them – they weren’t the same as when they were just in Colorado, then they get split up and there’s the Jaime and Danny show, which ironically is still played here in Colorado (on a diffrent station than what Jaime,Frosty and Frank) were played on. I can’t listen to that show either – they are both so annoying. Jaime has always been annoying, however, with Frosty and Frank it was a diffrent kind of annoying. I miss there show big time and am jealous of the fact that Frosty and Frank (and this Heidi girl) have a show out there that I don’t get to here. They started here and Star had to take them away and ruin a good thing.

  9. Frosty, Heidi & Frank are really good. When they first started they weren’t as good, but now I love them. I laugh so hard eveytime I listen. I knew I remembered Jamie, Frosty & Frank. I thought they had a show on Star a while back. And Heidi talks about her friend “Jamie” every once in a while, so I figured I was correct. Jamie, Frosty & Frank I barely remember. Must not have been that good. But Frosty, Heidi & Frank is really funny if you get a chance to listen. Go to the KLSX 97.1 website for more info.

  10. I remember the Jaime, Frosty and Frank show. I used to love then sooo much, but I went out of town a little bit and when I came back the show had become the Jaime and Danny Show. I have always wondered what happened to them. I still do not know to this day. I still listen to their show and it’s ok, but I’m so sick of listening to Jaime and all her love problems!

  11. I listen on and off to Frosty, Heidi, and Frank. I used to listen to them when they were on STAR with Jamie, who I can’t stand. One thing that confuses me though is that Frank now has a daughter. When did this happen? He never spoke about here before.

  12. Frank never spoke about his daughter before because he didn’t know about her before! Sometime in March he got a phone call from an ex-girlfriend along the lines of “Surprise! You have a 5-year old daughter!” He first mentioned her on the air on April 1, and everyone thought it was a joke at first. I remember one guy called in the following week and was still convinced Frank was pulling an April Fools’ joke.

  13. Wow. You’re kidding me. So can you get me up to speed with the show? Frank is now divorced from Beatrice, right? Now Frank has a 5 year old daughter from an ex girlfriend? I’m confused because I thought Frank was married 5 years ago.

  14. Here’s your update to the best of my understanding: Frank broke up with a girl and moved west where he met the screaming bitch whore that he later divorced, all in same year. Unbeknownst to Frank when he moved, his girlfriend was pregnant and for her own wack reasons decided not to tell him or contact him, until five years later she had a change of heart. Hence, papa Frank. Who took it pretty goddamned well if you ask me.

  15. Back on the Dial
    There was an article in this morning’s LA Times about the latest radio station to broadcast on FM 103.1. Calling themselves Indie 103.1, and billed as “alternative alternative,” they have a lot of the things that were great about the “world class rock” …

  16. Does anybody know how old Jamie White is from Star 98.7? A friend of mine told me she was in her late 30’s several years ago and would probably be around 44 or 45 now. The way she talks she sounds like she’s only in her early 30’s or so now… does anybody know the truth????

  17. I believe she is 34. I’ve heard her talk about her age here and there. She’s cute but looks a bit older than her claim. Does anyone know why Frosty and Frank were fired from 98.7?

  18. I don’t think we’ll ever know the REAL reason for Frosty and Frank’s firing. According to STAR at the time, they felt that Jamie and Danny would be a stronger pairing. Months before the guys were given their pink slip, Jamie knew all along that Danny was going to come on board. She even had auditions with him unbeknownst to Frosty and Frank. I really believe Jamie is a shallow, manipulative, bitch anyway. She hypes up her stories way too much. Don’t fall for it. She’s fake, fake, fake, fake, and oh yeah FAKE.

  19. what the hell is going on with the FHF show. I hope they didn’t get taken off the air. If anybody knows whats going on please let me know

  20. if you live in/near the bay area, these are some good ones.

    107.7 The Bone (very good classic rock)
    99.7 KFRC (very good oldie) KFRC a;so has an AM station (610) but while they play music, they also do traffic reports, news every now and then, and games (mainly football and baseball). I think 107.7 carries pretty far easy. i pick it up as far as Sequoia National Park border, in Tulare County,

  21. How old are Frosty Heidi and Frank exactly? Frosty seems to be in his late to early 40s while Heidi and Frank seem to be in their early to mid 30s.

  22. I would guess Heidi to be about 35. We have a few friends in common and bump in to each other a lot, and parties and such. She’s -a lot- funnier in person than on the air. 🙂

  23. i love these shows, i admit ryan seacrest can be a little dry, and his chemisty with ellenK is not there. .. but jamie and danny care the show with jack and stench.. its fun in the morning.. especially when they send the gay intern to dance on TV… And Frosty Heidi and Frank are fun to have around at lunch.. i however cant deal with Tom Lykis, he starts to reallly bug me!! haha this website is really fun to see all the feedback

  24. Frosty and Frank told their side of the story at the 97.1 Think Tank. According to them, Jamie learned that Danny was shopping for morning radio show, and apparently it was one of her life long dreams to work with him, hence she got Frosty and Frank fired.

  25. So, NOW what has happened? Danny is gone, (Fired from his contract) and Jaime is doing the show with Jack (the engineer of the show) and Stench. (the producer of the show) They’ve even changed Stench’s name to ‘Stretch’. WTF is going on over there??

  26. That post reminded me of a station in LA called 93.1 KNX FM. They played “mellow rock-today” they were around in the early 90’s and they played songs that were not hits but good songs. They ran the gambit too, it wasn’t just “mellow” rock, it was almost everything, as long as it was good. I still have tapes of the music that went down there. On its last day the DJ’s were understandably upset and you could here it in their voices. They all said goodbye and immediately at 9pm some loud blowhard started yelling at his mike while Micheal Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Sumpthin'” blasted its way across. I was crushed. I knew there’d never be another station like KNX, even though there was a SanDiego station that was pretty close to it. KGB FM i think it was. that got killed too. Clear Channel can bite it. I liked Bonaduce but i hated Jamie. F,H,and F called her a b-word. thats how i found out they worked together. Radio sucks as a business. what they did to Rick Dees was horrible. Now Bonoduce, and Doug Krikorian the sports guy just got fired, Paul Sunderland, the Lakers broadcaster was released. i just realized im pretty pissed here.

  27. Corporate, assemblyline radio is BOOOOORING. Also, the way they bent over and spread their cheeks when the FCC decided to take radio back to the 50’s will prove to hurt them in the long run. Sat Radio is looking like the thing for me. Buh bye terrestrial radio.

  28. I find it ironic that Jamie is now partnered with two guys (reminiscint to the old Jamie Frosty and Frank show). Jamie Jack and Stench or Stretch is not going to last. Jamie can’t anchor a show by herself. She needs a Danny or a Frosty/Frank to help facilitate the show, not a board operator and a producer who have little on-air experience.

  29. Danny was fired because he got a reality show and thought it would be great if he went to rehab for the show. So he went all crazy with drugs and did a sob story about how he needs a month off the radio to go into rehab. He pretty much screwed over Star to do his television show. Jamie went on without him with Jack and Stench and they found the show was a lot more enjoyable without Danny. So a month after Danny came back, the execs realized this and fired Danny.

    It’s said that Danny never really liked being on the radio show anyway because his passion is television.

    Also, they’ve said that Frosty and Frank were fired from Star because a close executive friend of Danny Bonaduce wanted him to do the radio show. Jamie and Danny never really got along at all.

  30. Here is the deal with Heidi, She used to Announce traffic during the Heidi fronst and Frank show. She would pop-in and talk with them, then give traffic and sign off. One day she announced on the air that she was a lesbian. The next day *poof* she was gone, they fired her, then got ride of Frosty and frank within a month. The 3 of them got together and pitched there own show to 97.1

    And now you know…. The rest of the story.

  31. Jamie always wanted to go on without Frosty and Frank. That’s the reason they got canned. She had full intention of dumping them when she got to California. I’m from here, but I moved to Denver and was a listener of the Frosty, Jamie and Frank show for the final 2 years they were on the air there and listened while they moved here and I moved back here around the same time. I can’t remember though, did she divorce her husband, the doctor? She treated Frosty like crap. She used to berate him on the air. It was serious. They would have to stop the show and go to commercial because the arguments would get nasty. She used to talk to Frank on the air like they were f*king. She knew she was going to scrape them off like barnacles when she got to L.A.

  32. Haha, Jamie deserves what she got… horrible ratings! She thought she was the shiznit, and Frosty and Frank were leeching off her.

    Now her crappy Star show has way less than half the ratings of the FHF Show on 97.1

    Heidi makes a *much* better radio partner… although she’s been holding back talking about her personal life lately (since she started dating “The Italian”). Hope she gets over it soon, and tells us more juicy details.

    On the plus side, they’re *finally* starting their own Frosty, Heidi and Frank website! [ed: archive.org] They’re creating an uncensored newsletter too, so they can email fans with any stories that are “too hot” to be broadcast on the radio show. They haven’t sent any yet, but I already signed up so I won’t miss anything good (it’s free).

    In the meantime, they’re streaming on the Internet too (that’s the coolest thing on the Frosty, Heidi & Frank show site so far).

  33. Thanks for the streaming info Mac! I know fmtalki doesn’t stream (which sucks) but I haven’t been able to find another site that streams Howard or FHF.

    I listen to FHF during my lunch break and I find myself sitting in my company’s parking garage for an extra 20 minutes at a time just to keep listening. Now I can listen at my desk which is HUGE! Thanks again.

    By the way, Frank is the funniest personality on the radio…

  34. I heard a nasty rumor that Jamie was going to rejoin Frosty & Frank. I hope this is just a rumor. I doubt Frosty or Frank would go for this. Heidi is so much better. Jamie needs to get the hell out of LA radio.

  35. Thanks for all the updates about Jamie and Danny. I have been out of So. Cal for the last 3 years. While there in LA I enjoyed their morning show. I just heard a rumor that Danny got fired. After googling it few times I checked in here and got all the updates. There is no mention of Danny at the Star 98.7 web site. So, I got the idea that he is gone. And now I know the whole story. But I am sure Jack and Stench will not be able to keep the show with Jamie.

  36. Danny did get fired and I guess Star 98.7 has changed the format cause there is no Dj’s except for Jaime, JAck and Stench. It’s horrible and Jamie has always been terrible on it. Danny really kept her in check and I’m mad that the for mat has changed but I wished they just got rid of Jaime and kept everyone else

  37. reality blurred > reality TV news digest > archives > other shows

    Wednesday, September 7, 2005

    other shows
    Danny Bonaduce attempted suicide during his VH1 reality series

    More than 30 years ago, an on-screen divorce helped give birth to reality television when Pat Loud left Bill Loud as part of the PBS/WNET series An American Family. This year, after Danny Bonaduce’s wife asked him for a divorce—although not in the presence of the VH1 cameras that were filming them for an upcoming series—he tried to kill himself. The series is called Breaking Bonaduce, and it debuts Sept. 11 at 10:30 p.m.

    According to the New York Times, Gretchen “Bonaduce had asked the cameras to leave, so her husband’s suicidal gesture and subsequent hospitalization were not filmed. But the events that led up to them were: when as he drank himself into a rage, when he yelled at the television production crew (‘I will cripple him for the rest of his life!’ he says about a producer) and when he made threats toward his wife (‘If she doesn’t get on the phone right now,’ he says at one point, ‘there will be no stopping me.’).”

    The couple “agreed to allow the network to chronicle their marital counseling,” but after cameras arrived, the Times reports that Danny “Bonaduce fell off the wagon. Not only did he binge drink — viewers will see him downing an entire bottle of vodka in a single guzzle at one point — but he also started taking Vicodin and, as part of an obsessive exercise regimen, injecting steroids.”

    Why did the cameras stick around? VH1 execs say they wanted to stop production immediately after his suicide attempt, but Gretchen “really begged us to keep filming,” a producer says. Gretchen Bonaduce—who’s still with her husband—says, “I wanted to use every leverage that I could to get him to get help. Because Danny loves to be on TV. I expected them to say, ‘You know what, you guys are just too crazy and we don’t want any part of this.’ And when they didn’t, I literally started to cry because I couldn’t believe they didn’t cut us loose. They stuck around. It was amazing to me.”

    As for Danny, he says, “My behavior is humiliating. Right now, I’m embarrassed in front of a crew of 20, 1 doctor and 1 wife. Sept. 12, I will be embarrassed in front of millions.”

  38. Thought you all would find this interesting since I kept searching for the same thing as you. Where the heck had Danny gone and why would anyone leave Jamie to run a show….up there was my answer….

  39. Just read on a new blog dated this week that Danny is suing Jamie for slander!!! That should be interesting to see what unfolds. I agree…. Jamie is one of the most annoying people in radio — if not THE most!!

  40. Why do I care about this stuff??? But I do. This is way better then any soap. I agree that Jamie is an annoying person to listen to. I live in Denver and listend to JFF for along time but I kept listening…Why?

  41. Is it true Jamie grew up in a trailer park? It would not surprise me…She is beyond “shock talk”. The girl has noooo class.You can be entertaining with out being so trailer trashy!! Danny might have his problems, but you could feel her hatred, over the air towards him. I give him credit for not stooping to her level. When her clock is ticked up, she’s history. Who would want their personal details of their relationship broadcasted!! No wonder she can’t keep a man!! Go back to the hills girlfriend!

  42. Jamie is beyond trashy, and the way that jack and stench cater to her during the show is nauseating. I’ve been watching “Breaking Bonaduce” and it’s easy to see why he ended p fired (way too big a liability) but he was far more rational on the show than she ever was.

  43. I started reading the personal opinions & history of “Jamie, Frosty & Frank” and I was compelled to respond. I find myself wanting to share what little I know. I admit I’m very naive about what “happened” over the past couple of years, but I wanted to add my two cents worth. If anyone is interested, there is a CD that was sold in Colorado back when the “Jamie, Frosty & Frank” show aired. It’s called “The Best of Jamie, Frosty & Frank”. If anyone is interested I would consider burning a copy after checking to make sure there aren’t any copyright issues. It’s not like it’s an Eagles Hotel California CD, nobody probably even remembers it. Anyway, my email address is Fyrdave26@msn.com. Anyway, I saw trouble brewing with the trio AND lost all respect for Jamie when she had the name of the show changed from “Frosty, Jamie & Frank” to “Jamie, Frosty & Frank”. Truth be known, I think it actually started as “Frosty, Frank & Jamie”. She just HAD to take the top billing. Then she posed on the web site for the radio show with Frosty & Frank in tuxedos and she was wearing a dress and holding a CIGAR. It was about the time Pres. Clinton had that trouble with Monica Lewinski. I’ll also never forget the time she went on the air and told everyone that her “doctor husband” (she never talked about him unless she reminded everyone he was a doctor – talk about shallow) gave her a “big toe orgasm” when they were naked in the hot tub. That sort of took her to an all time sluttish level. The CD has one of the funniest bits I ever heard. She was talking to a caller about having sex with a midget. I’m STILL laughing and that was years ago!! I think the thing about Jamie (and if you notice all the comments regarding the show are about Jamie) is that, yes, she is trailer park trashy (like Gretchen Wilson), but she is the epitome of a real woman. Men secretly love her sexy bitchy attitude and women can identify with her catty nature, her zest for personal selfish pleasure and her desire to succeed in a world historically dominated by men. Basically, she’s a bitch and she’s the first one to admit it. Some people don’t realize that Frosty & Frank had their own show before Jamie came along, but before she joined the show, nobody knew them. Everyone loves it when they can watch someone else start trouble, and these three knew how to start trouble. That’s why it was such a success. The reason Danny & Jamie didn’t succeed is because Danny is still just a spoiled child actor looking for another Partridge Family to come along and rescue him. PS: Please don’t tell Danny B. I made this last comment or he’ll find me and take me out!! Best wishes all. David



  45. David,

    I definitely see your point regarding Jamie. She is a bitch, and like you said she’s the first one to admit it. I just wonder how motherhood is going to change her.

    I encourage everyone to listen to Frosty, Heidi & Frank. Now that it’s streaming on the web, the long lost fans in Denver can listen.

  46. Aloha all, and thanks for all the updated info on Frosty Heidi and Frank. I was a very big fan of the Jaimie Frosty and Frank show back in California, I met them all at a CD signing in OC, and when I moved away, the ONE thing I missed the most was listening to that great morning show. And yes, Heidi would come on and do the best and fastest traffic report you could imagine. The first time I tuned in, I told myself “these 2 poor guys have to work with this trailer trash disrespectful Dr’s wife” I remember her laughing about her Dr husband (Dr White) had a sign in the parking lot of his practice that read “White Patients Only”. She didn’t like being a step mom to his 2 kids, and was very disrespectful to them all. Then they divorced and she dated “Fancy Pants” for a long time. She would crawl through his doggie door to get into his house if he wasn’t there when he was supposed to be. I remember she talked about giving him a BJ in front of their party friends. I remember also her saying “I’m wearing the shirt that I wiped it up with”…What a pig. And the whole time Frosty and Frank tried to keep things cool..but she’s like a wild teenager that will never grow up. And yes, she is doomed by her own immaturity. I will begin streaming onto the Frosy Heidi and Frank show first thing Monday…Can’t wait !!!

  47. The Frosty Heidi And Frank show is probably the second best radio show on air(behind Howard). Not only are they entertaining but their very ,very funny. I started listening 5 years ago and I still can’t get enough! Frank is the manly man , Heidi is a little annoying , and frosty is just hillarious. As of today frosty has just announced that he has strapped throat, and a fever. Boy isn’t there always something wrong with him or some type of crazy adventure? Like the time he tried to remove paint from his hair with GASOLINE while standing in front of the BURNING FIREPLACE !! WOW …

  48. Frosty, Heidi and Frank has to be one of the worst radio shows on the air. They are a complete bore! Heidi has the worst laugh in radio and Frank is just an arrogant ass while Frosty has nothing interesting to say.

    KLSX or Free FM as it is now called is going in to the tank now that Howard Stern is off the air. The first preliminary ratings are in and the news is HORRIBLE for 97.1

    Frosty Heidi and Frank signed a 3 year contract last year(on howard sterns ratings coatails) but chances are that they wont see that contract through completion with the devestating radio ratings that are coming out. People I know that are in the industry are shocked that the “triplets” are even on the air because of their uninspired boring programming.
    Adam Carolla is talented but cannot hold down 4 hours of radio. Goodbye Free FM

    You cant hide boring radio.

  49. […] Molly Holzschlag writes about the Accidental Blogger Effect—what happens when you post something offhand that somehow ends up as a prime search result, leading to that offhand remark taking on a life of its own. I made a comment about how Another One Bites the Dust turned into a 3-year-long thread about Frosty, Heidi and Frank, but it occurs to me that the often-viewed Fallen Angel cover art I posted about last week is the same phenomenon. […]

  50. I used to love Jamie and Danny, then Danny was gone so i started to listen to FHF. Know i got a new radio and it doesn’t get 971(bad reception) So i occasianally listen to Jamie and her idiots….They suck.Why is it that they agree on everything she says?And man she looks old.

  51. I used to love Jamie and Danny, then Danny was gone so i started to listen to FHF. Now i have a new radio and it doesn’t get 971(bad reception) So i listen to Jamie and her idiots here and now….They suck.Why is it that they agree on everything she says?And man she looks old.

  52. Oh yeah by the way my man knows where Danny lives he worked on his homes’ kitchen and says he’s a cool guy and seem to be CRAZY. They were talking about how Danny loves to drive his motorcycle and yall no car talk. My baby says his wife is thin and “young lookin” beause of the way she dresses in style, and that she’s really nice.I asked him to get me a pic and autograph of Danny but says “no iam working it’s unprofessional”. ok bye

  53. It has been a long time, obviously, since I tuned into STAR 98.7 and realized that Danny Bonaduce was no longer on the program. I always thought Jamie was obnoxious, trailer bred to trailer bed, and not funny. Danny carried her through the program, and without him to keep her in check, the show has been reduced to her loud ramblings, and the faint echoes of the “two other guys”. One lass with no class.

  54. This has all been very helpful! I’ve been getting the story in bits and pieces over the years. On-air-whiskey-chugging aside [which i actually LOVE], Frosty Heidi and Frank are great genius accompaniment to my workday. I’m a cubicle dweller, bombarded constantly by my rocket-scientist co-workers requests for instructions on the same damn thing I showed them the day before. So you can imagine how exciting it is for me to be exposed to actual intelligence, for a whole four hours [I’m not worthy!]… keep up the good work Triplets – you deserve great riches and glory!!

  55. If you thought Frosty, Frank and Jamie (that’s how I remember then-way back when they started in Denver) were great you should stream Rob, Arnie and Dawn from Sacramento. Ten times better!

  56. Quite frankly I am amazed that that trio is still on L.A. radio in that time slot. Without putting anybody down, who is listening to these okies? I’ve tried to listen after Stern, but once they get into that bathroom humor and their midwest twang sets in, I’m out…I guess I don’t get it.

  57. Where IS Jamie, Jack and Stench?? Anyone know?? I turned the radio on Friday morning and it was just music and then today same thing so I went to the star 98.7 website and its totally different and they aren’t saying anything about it on the radio. (my search brought me here)

  58. I am wondering the same thing I am not sure where the trio is either. I tried visiting her site but it is running really slow and you can’t access any of the chit chat boards.

  59. If anybody knows anything about what’s going with Jamie, Jack and Stench I’d love to know. The Star 98.7 website doesn’t mention any DJs anymore. I wonder what’s going on. I can’t imagine they’ve fired everybody!

  60. I’m torn. On one hand, if Star really is firing all its DJs and going all-music (or at least trying it for a few weeks to see how it goes), this is just the culmination of Clear Channel’s standard practice: Buy a radio station, gut its staff, pipe in music from outside, eliminating any individual differences between stations—hey, it’s not as if listeners in different cities have different taste in music, right?—and have DJs pre-record segments for each station so that they sound local, but aren’t. That they’d do this for a market as big as Los Angeles is astonishing, but it’s been Clear Channel’s standard operating procedure in smaller markets for years. I still can’t figure out how Indie 103.1 managed to get them to finance anything.

    On the other hand, Star has spent the last 7 or 8 years hiring annoying DJs and pushing them to the extent that they distract from the music instead of supporting it. There’s no one left at Star that I actually want to listen to. And if they’re going for a format similar to Jack FM… well, I actually listen to Jack FM because they play music instead of wasting time with narcissistic hosts, silly contests, and ads that tell me how great the music is instead of, you know, playing it.

  61. To find out more info. regarding the Jamie, Jack and Stench morning show on 98.7, go to Jamie’s website http://www.jamiewhite.com and check in her chit-chat blog, a person named Pearl states that all of the Star DJ’s are on hiatus until further notice. Good-by Star, it’s been nice knowing ya:( You can call the star comment line to complain: 1-866-987-8789.

  62. Oh, and here is Jack’s myspace address.


    Jack posted a blog entry on Friday on his myspace that stated that they took the day off (Friday) to do the whole “Rate the 500 songs” thing and that we shouldn’t worry because they will be back on Monday. This morning I went to go post a reply to his blog, but he deleted it???? Maybe because there is something to worry about, or maybe Jack or none of the DJ’s know anything about what their bosses are doing/intend to do. I always had a feeling that the station managers at Clear Channel are a lot like used car salesmen. So much for caring about your employees and your customers!

  63. My search to find out what happeded to the Jamie, Jack, and Stench show led me to this page as well. Here’s what I think happened: On last Thursday’s show, Jamie asked what kind of car a caller’s husband was driving when he was killed. The caller responded that it was a Nissan–which is a major sponsor of the show. The next day, they were off the air. Of course, this wouldn’t explain why other STAR personalities have been off, but the hosts of the J,J, &S show have alluded on-air to meetings with station big-wigs, and nasty memos they’ve recieved about their show many times in the past. Regardless, I only tune in to STAR in the mornings for this show, and will switch to KROQ permanantly if the J, J, &S show does not return.

  64. I called 98.7 yesterday and was told that “all the jocks are taking a break while they complete the ratings of the survey results.” Their website is completely different with no pictures of station staff. Obviously, unplanned vacations for all is the case here. You’d think in the interest the listeners a message could be posted on their website, or perhaps they don’t care about keeping us as listeners even though we stuck around after Danny was fired.

  65. Gee, Tracy was lucky, Ive been calling for 2 days, and all I get is a busy signal. I certainly hope, she was told the truth, I have to tell you, driving to work these last 2 days, has really sucked. I drive to the OC everyday from the Inland Empire, and the only thing that has made my drive bearable, is being able to listen to the morning show. I personally need to hear people talking and joking around, it keeps me awake in the early am, If I wanted to listen to music only, Id turn on Jack FM . Im lost without the morning show, not to mention driving home in the evening, straight canned music can get boring after awhile, and the weak advertisments are a joke… Please bring back the JOCK’s IM AFRAID I MIGHT GET INTO A CAR WRECK OTHER WISE, Im sure the are many people out there thinking the same thing.

  66. I can’t believe how star is handling this. They suck, If they had any cpncern for there listeners they would have made some sort of comment regarding the situation not just lies.

  67. What the hell I have to find a new radio station for the mornings now??? The only reason I listen to 98.7 is for their hilarious morning show..

  68. I know! I am going crazy! My drive to work has been horrible the last few days! I have been forced to switch stations to other mornings shows that don’t compare at all! So, is it just the morning show, or are all the DJs MIA right now?

  69. Just called Clear channel (this is probably old news by now) and they said they will be back. I asked when, and the poor receptionist just said they will be back, and that I needed to just keep listening for them. I am surprised I missed them so much, but I did! I like the music they are playing, but I really did tune into the “talk”!

  70. Hey, Clear Channel, listen up. I’m with Matt. If J, J & S don’t come back, I’ll be tuned to Kevin & Bean or Adam Carolla in the mornings. As much as Star would like to think it’s a music station, the reality is that people listen because of the jocks AND the music. Yeah, the jocks REALLY get annoying at times, but we all stay involved because these guys have actually become part of our mornings and our drive-time lives.

  71. Looking for something to explaint their absense also. I found this website! They better come back. they are the only reason that I am still listening to them. If they are gone…I’M DONE with STAR 98.7!

  72. It is so unprofessional for STAR not to address the absense of Jamie, Jack, and Stench. To go from a moring show line up and to discontine without notice or explanation is just wrong. I think to myself, did Jamie go in to labor, did they get fired…

  73. ClearChannel is the typical Money Grubbing Establishment that gives America
    it’s world wide Evil, Cunning & Disreputable Image. This No Information Stance reminds me of the way North Korea, exSoviet Union, Red China, etc., interact(ed) with the world. ClearChannel (98.7) must have done something really underhanded and nasty to be so unwilling to let their listeners know what’s gone down. This station is now like all the rest…No! Actually it’s much less than the rest, because not only does it have anything to distinguish it from other stations, it feels unsavory; deceitful. I’ll bet some guy at the top that makes billions got his panties in a twist. And I really dislike their “New Image”!
    Ex Listener

  74. I’ve been listening to Star for years…and this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I loved Jamie, Frost, and Frank back in the day…couldn’t stand Danny but kept listening…was getting used to Jack and Stench… but now I’m done. I can’t stand the constant changing of the guards and no explanations when they go off the air! I’ve begun listening to KROQ and have made my decision to stick with something that won’t change on me!!!

  75. This is so sad. Jamie made my mornings fun. I live in Denver and was devastated when they came off the air (at that time “Jamie & Danny”) and was relieved to find that I could still stream the show, “Jamie, Jack, and Stench” on-line. I agree that there should have been some kind of announcement or explaination given to fans. There isn’t a morning show that compares to theirs. This stinks!

    Jamie, if you’re reading this, good luck with your baby bastard (seriously, congratulations and best wishes). I miss you already and hope to be hearing more from you soon. You rule!!! XO

  76. Who in there right mind runs a business like this? Star 98.7 has just made the biggest mistake. I absolutley was addicted to Jamie, Jack & Stench!! It was the only thing that made my drive to work in the A.M. bareable. I hope the station goes BELLY UP NOW!! Jaime, Good Luck With THE BASTARD BABY!! P.S. Get The EPIDURAL.


  77. I was out of town last week and when I came back on Monday, I thought Jamie, Jack and Stench were just on vacation. The ONLY time I listen to STAR is in the morning BECAUSE of J, J and S. I cant believe STAR would do something like this. This week has been horrible, and their new music format SUCKS! If STAR dosent bring J, J and S back, they’ve lost a listener for life!!!! J,J and S…. YOU GUY’S RULE!!!!

  78. Thanks to others for posting the (bad) news. I also had a deep foreboding when the chillens were MIA on Friday. Not just ‘not present’, but no reference at all to the JJ&S Show. That usually spells Gonesville in Radioland. In case anybody at Clear Channel cares: *all* of my former 98.7 radio presets have been reprogrammed to another frequency. This is the sort of shennanigan up with which we will not put.

  79. THANK GOD they got rid of those annoying tools. Their humor was the equivalent of 10 year olds telling poopy jokes. Jamie’s grating voice and use of the transitional “ummm” was too painful to endure. I can finally listen without hearing fingernails scratching a blackboard. And those 2 moronic sidekicks can go back to doing whatever morons do when they’re not on the air.

  80. I can’t believe how this radio station does business. JJ&S are just gone? Obviously JJ&S are extremely popular and have a huge following. True, there are many with other tastes who do not like them, but that’s life. I loved my drive to work every morning laughing my head off. It’s the only time and only reason I listened to Star because I’m not into rock music. And because I listened to JJ&S, their sponsors have benefited from my business. Well, not any more. I no longer have a reason to tune in this station.

    Bye bye


  82. The jamie jack & stench show was the only reason i started listening to star in the first place.I would crack up on my drive to work.Now it just sucks…..and thats bad 4 business for clear channel not to say anything to their listeners….J J & S ….YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!! Jamie good luck with the bastard baby…and the snowboarder…

  83. Finally!! Thank you for removing those moronic and infantile babblers whose screeching, shouting and illiterate rantings clogged the airwaves every morning. Star 98.7…your station is once again on my presets.

  84. u need 2 listen 2 adam carolla on 97.1 and then the triplets(Frosty Heidi and Frank).Then stay tuned 4 the great tom leykis the free fm talk station is a 1 stop listenin shop so listen all day because u will not be able 2 turn it off

  85. Jaimee, Jack and Stench sucked. I won’t believe it if they come back. She is the most foul and disgusting woman I have ever heard in my life. I mean I have heard skanky teenagers carry on like her, but not adult women. The show sucks. It sucked with Danny too, but he was at least a half assed celebrity..who the hell is Jaimee and Jack and Stench. She gives women a bad name. Her poor son will have an f’d out skank for a mom and a gigalo for a dad. Just sad.

  86. When Jamie, Frosty and Frank began broadcasting in Los Angeles, they had the funniest show I have ever heard. On a daily basis callers would begin with “I had to pull off the freeway because I was laughing so hard…”, and I was right there laughing along with them.

    Not too many commercials, either, at first.

    When Frosty left, the “chemistry” was gone. They were great together (not sure how important Frank was in the mix).

    Danny is highly intelligent with a great sense of humor, but he was forced to play “second fiddle” to Jamie, which limited his effectiveness – they never reached the same levels as the previous team. In addition, over the years, the commercial time had built up to the point where I found myself switching over to 97.1 – Howard Stern – just to avoid the commercial bombardment.

    By this time they started bringing “guests” onto the show, but they were just thinly disguised promotional spots for TV shows or other forms of entertainment. It was sometimes like the whole show was an infomercial, with commercials in between.

    When Danny left, the show deteriorated further into Jamie being some kind of cheerleader, with Jack & Stench becoming the back-up squad, repeating whatever Jamie yelled.

    Jamie has the ability to be the funniest female entertainer in the world today. I’d like her to review her early shows in LA to figure out what was so funny about them.

    Then I’d like to see her get with the right “on-air” partner(s) and a venue where she is allowed to do what she does best, with a minimum of commercial time.

    We need to get back to “the show of truth”.

  87. I HATED the morning trio jamie, jack, and stench. they were such immature idiots….. how could a grown woman — no less a pregnant one — make such stupid, demeaning comments and be so rude to listeners?? i feel really sorry for her kid.
    i’m glad they’re off air. from now on, i’ll actually start listening to Star regularly during my commute, now that i don’t have to put up with their extremely offensive morning talk.

  88. Star Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cant believe you assholes took jamie, jack and stench off the air. Who the hell will listen to star now? NO ONE!!!!! Thanks for ruining our mornings you SOB’s

  89. I am so upset the trio is missing. If I wanted to hear music only all day I would play my CD’s. J,J, &S was the only reason I ever listened to Star. I have to move on and find a new station. More listners for Kevin and Bean. This SUCKS!

    Jamie, Good luck with the birth of your baby!

  90. Jack and Stench were fine but good riddance to that b!tch Jamie. How can a woman who got divorced because she was cheating, and had sex with her ortho on their first time out, then gets knocked up by some kid have the nerve to demean and judge people. See ya b1tch….no big loss

  91. P1SSED! Time to go get that car attachment for my iPod I guess. If they’re not back on on Monday morning, Star is not worth the preset button.

  92. I love the morning trio on STAR!!! What are they thinking? They RULE. They crack me up every morning!!!! If they are not back, they’ve lost me. I’m heading over to JACK 93.1 Their new theory of what people want? Listeners must only want 10 songs, because they are playing the crap out of the same music. SEE YA STAR!!!!!!

  93. This f****n sucks!!!!!!! They ruined radio by tacking jamie jack and stench of the air. They were the only reason I listened to star.. Until they come back, I’m done with this station. If all I wanted to hear was music, iI would play my cd’s!!

  94. For all those who hated Jamie and/or the show, get yourself on air and entertain people who you can’t see. I am sure you would be irritating to others as Jamie seems to be with you, but I am positive that you wouldn’t be nearly as funny. That aside, I listen mostly to hip hop and R&B. Yet I found my morning drive dull this past week. People have written that the three will be back on air soon. I hope this is the case. If not, whether it matters or not, I will never listen to Star again. I’m with those that will remove star from my preset buttons. Good luck to Jamie, Jack, and Stench on all that you do from this point on.

  95. Mornings will never be the same without Jamie, Jack and Stench, they were part of my everyday life.
    It’s like take away your breakfast, without it. the day goes out of Control.

    I miss them very much!

  96. I am sure you would be irritating to others as Jamie seems to be with you, but I am positive that you wouldn’t be nearly as funny.

    Hey, I’m not saying I could do better—I’m just saying I didn’t think she was funny.

    One can recognize humor, or fine art, or good food, without being able to make people laugh, paint a masterpiece, or cook a gourmet meal. If that weren’t the case—if it took rare talent or a lifetime of training just to recognize quality, we wouldn’t have mass media. Only actors would watch TV, only singers would listen to the radio, only authors would read books, and only comedians would go to comedy clubs. Last I looked, that wasn’t the case.

    All that said, humor is subjective, and there are clearly people who found her entertaining rather than insulting. (And yes, people can be both, at the same time. Sometimes it seems like it’s a prerequisite to work in talk radio.)


  98. I am also disgusted with STAR. Jamie Jack and Stench were the only reason I listened. They made my mornings and I miss their humor. I looked forward to Monday mornings when I could listen to them again. I was devastated when they were taken off the air in Denver, but I was delighted when I could listen online! It was great to keep up with the “baby news” Jamie will be a crack up as a mother. It is easy to tell she loves that baby already…..I hope to hear them again soon….but strongly suspect they are unfortunately gone for good from STAR. Jack, please let us know where you guys end up on myspace so we can all find you at your new home. I can’t believe you won’t be picked up quickly by another station.

  99. Hey, Don’t go to Jack or Jill FM, They did exactly the same thing with their DJ’s. One morning I was enjoying the 2 hosts, one of whom was Tara McNamarra and the next thing I knew, They were gone. Then I tuned to Star and got addicted to Jamie and Danny. When he was fired, I enjoyed it even more with the additions of Jack and Stench, who only really played small roles before. Those 2 have really come out of their shells now. So on the Friday when J J & S were absent I thought maybe Jamie had gone into labor or something but that wouldn’t stop Jack and Stench doing the shop as they had done it alone before. So I hope they find somewhere new, who will treat them with resepct. I hate the music that star plays, IT’S THE SAME SONGS ALL THE TIME. Please replace Adam Corola with J J & S, he is sooooooo boring. His voice is bad enough but he really has nothing funny to say. GIVE JAMIE HIS JOB, NOW…..

  100. I always thought that Danny was amazing. Despite his many personal demons, he was intelligent, funny, well-read, and thoughtful. I tolerated Jamie, but never understood how she had survived so long on the radio. She did give hope to all of us with ADD, though, for making a living. Jack was a good back-up for them. Then, Danny was gone, and Jamie was NASTY about him. For want of other humorous talk radio, I’d listen, but, I’d have to turn off Jj&s almost immediately.
    I appreciate Jamie’s dismissal, but feel for her sidekicks! I hope they land on their feet. Bring back Danny somewhere!

  101. Oops, did I write how much I loathed Jamie? Her response to people who called in with real pain was horrible. Also, how could she expect to have a life with another adult when she aired every bit of her personal life? Whew. Now I’m done.

  102. […] Since Star 98.7 has suddenly decided to play actual music in the mornings last week, I’ve listened to it a couple of times on the way to work. They do still seem to like playing the same 10 songs over and over again, so there’s only so much I can take before switching over to another station, but something strange jumped out at me about their new slogan. […]

  103. To set things officially see pasted below, this is from Jack on his Myspace Page:
    Not So Good Friday

    Don’t panic, we’re not fired… Yet. We’re also not back on the air. We were told that they haven’t decided what they are going to do yet. We came at them with the overwhelming response we have recieved from all you guys wanting us back, they claim to have a large amount of email and phone calls claiming the opposite. So what’s next? I don’t know, but here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to have a great Easter (as should all of you)! And not let this ruin the weekend. Hide eggs, eat candy or what ever else you do to celebrate! Jack

  104. Cameron,

    Do you have a link to Jack’s “Myspace” page?

    Also, links to Jamie’s and Stench’s webpages, if you have them…


  105. Jack 93.1 is great with NO DJs – now 98.7 will be easier to listen to with those uneducated, mean-sprited, baffoons gone. Jamie dug her own grave by being mean to every caller, employee of the station, former employees and her ex’s – she had the gold medal in bad karma. Jack and Stench were just hangers-on with no real talent or charisma – how could any intelligent person truly be a fan of such low-brow, moronic humor? They never “ruled”. Clear Channel is a business trying to make money – good for them. Even the “messages” Jack FM plays on air are funnier than those three ever were. I will now listen to Star on the way to work and enjoy the music! Thanks Clear Channel! How could these 3 people really mean anything to anyone who litened? They would have ripped all of you if they had the chance. They are the whores, not the big corporation.

  106. It’s been a sad boring week. Hope J J & Stench come back. If not im switching to KROQ. Good luck with the baby Jamie….

  107. Miss JJ&S. I don’t like changing my station, but I have discovered a whole new world out there. Wow, Frosty and Frank are on the radio! And Heidi! I wondered what happened to them, but I guess sticking to one station makes life pass by. Clear Channel doesn’t care about us devoted listeners.
    Feeling betrayed!

  108. I started listening to star from kroq about 5 years ago, if jj&s are gone I will take it a step further and not listen to any clear channel stations. No explanation to the fans? To those people who hated Jamie why did you listen? Change the channel morons!

  109. I am so pissed!!!! Jamie, Jack, and Stench were the ONLY reason i listened to Star 98.7!! How could they do this to us? Not even an explanation!! They obviously care nothing about their listeners!! Just remember guys … you changed alot of peoples lives with your humor..Good luck to whatever life brings you!! YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  111. SO as I see it The people at Clear Channel are a bunch of stuck up people….First the whole thing with Ryan and Foxy (He sucks by the way) she lost her job too and then came back but only to loose her job agian! AND NOW THIS! I have stopped listening to star and will not listen agian until the trio comes back. I am highly disappointed in Clear Channel.
    Jaime, good luck with your baby and the snowborder…Jack, I hope all is well with Sparkles and Lucy…and Stench, I hope you and your family are all well….YOU RULE!!!!!

  112. I think this really is horrible what has happend to Jamie, Jack and Stench!! They were the only reason I ever would think about listening to Star!! But now I don’t have any reason at all…the music sucks, and it is no fun in the morning! That is when people want to be listening to that kind of show is in the morning but now that Star doesn’t offer that I guess there is no reason to listen. Ryan sucks on KIIS too…Jamie Jack and Stench were the only really good radio show. They didn’t sound like they were trying to sell something to you all the time, they sounded like they wanted to be there. Ryan always sounds like a used car salesmen. I am very sad that they are gone and I hope that clearchannel radio will realize they need to bring them back!!! And if you don’t like them…don’t listen to them!! It is as easy as that!!! There are hundreds of different stations to listen to, why do you have to sit there and listen to the one that you don’t like and then bash it??? It sounds like you have a little too much time on your hands!!!

  113. I have been noticing that Jaime, Jack and stench are no longer on in the morning. Thought they were on vacation or that jaime had her baby. What happend.

    I don’t listen in the morning unless I hear there banter it reminds me of how good i have things and keeps it real for me.

    Bring back Jaime, jack and stench.

    The music really does suck on this station and I usually listen in the morning but lately have been listening to Jack.FM

  114. Well, I can’t speak for the rest of the people who have complained about the show, but I did change the channel. My morning soundtrack has been KCRW for the last 3½ years, though I’ve occasionally tuned in to Star to see if the show has improved.

    Just because we can take a few minutes out of our day to say we didn’t like the show doesn’t mean we’ve continued to subject ourselves to it for hours on end, day in and day out.

  115. I just went to the Star website to get an email address to complain and found this blurb on their “Contact Us” page:

    “Special note to our listeners: Thank you for contacting us about the changes at Star 98.7. We hope you like the new music and artists, and the fresh new look of our website. Bringing this new music to you is our top priority–keep listening to Star 98.7 for more new and exciting things to come, including the latest updates on your favorite personalities. Jamie is well and no, she hasn’t had her baby yet. Please keep listening and checkin in on the website!”

    Way to hide that one Clear Channel. I am beyond annoyed. I only listened to Star in the morning and have followed Jamie through her may co-hosts. What can I say – she’s annoying, yes – but anyone who has listened to the show for more than five minutes should know better than to call looking for sympathy. You have to take her with a grain of salt and know when to turn the station if she bothers you. For those of us who look forward to our morning commute with JJ&S this is a HUGE letdown.

  116. Well, its about damn time. I knew that Jamie, Jack and Stench wouldn’t last. Just shrill and annoying. I never listen, just check in from time to time to see if STAR finally came to their senses. As soon as I heard the grating tones of the screeching harpie and her two talentless toadies, I changed the channel quick. They were TERRIBLE. However, it has always been my belief that Jamie is the reason for the show’s revolving hosts (she’s the common denominator, after all), so I hope this means I’ll never again have to hear her pathetic stories about her sad life. And how sorry do we feel for her poor kid? Good riddance to her.

    I like the idea of STAR turning into an all-music station, but I hope its nothing like Jack FM. They’re allowed to play anything they want, yet they choose to play “Tainted Love” once an hour anyway. Not my idea of good listen. There are eleventy billion songs to choose from, yet they stick to the same ol’ same. Zzzzzzzzz.

    Is variety really that difficult a concept to grasp?

  117. Ryan Seacrest made a great career move when he left STAR and went to KIISFM. He’s still around and Jamie’s gone and I’m listening to him in the mornings now.

  118. I’ve been a loyal listener since Jamie, frosty, and frank. I’ve also turned on many friend to 98.7 in the mornings. Its horrible not having them in the morning anymore. They were the main reason i took a job 1-1/2 hour away because i knew they would get me through the traffic. I agree with most people if you do not like them, then turn the station. i will no longer listen to 98.7 and tell all my friends not to listen either cuz you guys suck now!!!!!


  120. look what i found at jamiewhite.com

    All of the on air personalities will be off until further notice (Not just the am show).
    The new Manager is ‘testing’ music (vs) talk..that can be found on Star’s Web Site.
    As I get more information, I will post it on Jamie’s site.
    You can email the people trying this new “test” and tell them your opinion on this.
    Their email contact info is at http://www.star987.com (Under Contact Us)
    Or you can call and voice your opinion at: 1-866-987-8789

    You can always find updates on Jamie’s site..she has been posting there now at:

  121. I’m crying, life is so hard. J,J and S, confirmed that in weird way. Yes, sometimes I’d have to disagree with them but like someone else said you take it with a grain of salt. They are real people that you can relate to. Whats going to happen to them? J,Jand S, you will be deeply missed in this monotois morming drive to work.

  122. If you want to join in on the effort to bring back Jamie, Jack and Stench you need to sign the online petition…..www.petitiononline.com/jack/petition-sign.html

  123. I change this station periodically because just the singing in the morning isnt enough…….I need talk………HELLO…….it is a morning show….and that’s what peeps wake up to……….Please bring them back…….I am dying here………..

  124. I was home sick for a while, and I guess I just didn’t get it until this morning when I forced myself to listen to an entire song just to see if JJS would come on the air…and they didn’t damn it. I’ve been listening to Jamie since the Frosty and Frank days, need her biting girl talk! So she’s vulgar, so what, she and the guys cracked me up every morning. If I want to listen to music I’ll pop in a CD or my Ipod because the music they’re playing sucks. HUGE MISTAKE. Ruined my whole morning…miss you guys like crazy!

  125. Okay, who is the dumb ass running this show????? Star is NOTHING without JJS. I don’t even have there station program in my car. WHAT THE HELL!! Major mistake guys. You need to bring the top dogs back if you still want to have listeners. Remember Jaime, Jack and Stench “You guys RULE”!!!!!! Hope to hear from you guys soon 🙂

  126. Listen to KLOS 95.5 Mark & Brian 6-10am every morning. Funniest morning show and I have never been able to listen to Star in the morning due to the annoying voice of Jamie.

  127. I can’t believe JJ&S are gone!! I’ve been waiting patiently for them to come back, but it’s been so long now and I do NOT like the music that’s being played in their place, so I have now found a new station to listen to 92.7 Jill FM. Sure all they do is play music, but I liked listening to Star with JJ&S and since they seem to be gone, so am I. Bad move Star – especially on the lack of communication to their valued listeners. Best of luck to you Jamie, Jack & Stench, YOU RULE !!!! SEE YA !!


  129. Man what in the hell was star thinking? Don’t they know that the only thing that set them apart from other stations was JJ&S? Those guys were the best and the only reason i listened to star.Now i drive to school w/out the radio on, what else can compare to JJ&S. By the way, all of those of you who like star better now obviously do not have any taste in music as star plays the worst music ever only tolerated when coupled w/ JJ&S!

  130. HEY! If you want Jamie, Jack, and Stench back, go to the STAR website (www.star987.com) and VOTE!! They just put a poll up today. So far, over 90% voted to bring them back!


  131. Well things be a changing in the world of KYSR. Check out this small article on there status if you haven’t heard of course. And vote on their website to keep them there.

  132. I love listening to Jamie, Jack& Stench in the am’s. I can’t believe all of you out there who seem to “hate” them so much, seem to know an awful lot about them don’t ya? Yep, ya know why? It’s kinda like a train wreck.
    Yep, it’s awful, but ya just gotta look!! That’s what they’re all about. The
    shock value. That’s what makes them good. You just gotta listen to see what they do next. If you really didn’t like them, you would have changed the channel long ago, and never went back. But you did didn’t you?!?! Yes, you did. You just had to. Just as they planned. They’re professionals. They know what pulls us in. I really miss Danny too. He was wonderful to listen to. I really was amazed at how intelligent he really is. I always thought he was just a washed up child actor until I listened to him. He was well read, and knew enough about everything to keep it interesting. Bring them all back will ya??? We miss them. There is a petition out there. Sign it for those of you who want them back.

  133. It’s official on the STAR website. They’ll be back bright and early on Monday. So you can all tune in again.

  134. i bet this was just a marketing ploy. hmmmm lets see. jamie due to have a baby…jack and stench couldn’t hold the show on their own…can’t just take the morning show off the air…lets create a buzz and give all the dj’s a 6 week sabbaticle while jamie takes pregnancy leave and say we’re doing an all music station test.

  135. The point is that regardless of whether you like Jamie, Jack and Stench, the listeners are the ones who need to decide what radio stations play. I personally liked the J, J & S morning show and am glad to see them back. But better is the fact that we, the listeners told the corporate head what we wanted and did not roll over and let them tell us what we should have. I for one do not want to listen to the same music over and over as what seemed to be the goal of Clear Channel. Variety of music and talk gives people the opportunity to choose what they want to hear.

    I certainity want the chance to choose what I listen to, hopefully everyone else does to.

  136. […] The recent controversy over Star 98.7’s decision to drop their morning talk show (since reversed) and try out a new format brings up one of those great mysteries of the ages: Why do so many radio stations play the same small list of songs over and over? […]

  137. Man, both Jack and Stench succccccck. While Jamie is off, they don’t know what to do or what to talk about. I thought Jamie sucked, but man they suck even more without her.. Was that possible. I’m going to try F,H,F show..

  138. what happened to Mark and Brian? can they be on vaca again? I hear their contract is up. What’s the deal? I thought if they leave, there would be something announced first!!!!!


  140. As of 10:00, Jan 3rd, 2007, the Jaime Jack and Stench show has been cancelled… they were taken off the air by the management at Star 98.7 on the day AFTER Danny Bonaduce returned to the air as part of the Adam Carolla Show.

    To quote Nelson from ‘The Simpsons’…

    “Haa haa”

  141. I can’t believe some guy lets his kids interupt the JJ&S show, Jamie tells them to go (after already talking to their dad about it from the last time it happened), their Dad barges into JJ&S’s show while still on the air – threatens to kick Jamie’s ass and pushes another guy in the studio while in a very irrate state of mind – and JJ&S get fired??? I don’t get it, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. I think Jamie handled herself very well and did absolutely nothing wrong. If JJ&S aren’t brought back, then I am done with Star. I was going to stop listening the last time they took them off the air, but was glad to hear Star came to their senses and brought them back. Now here we go again…..Jamie Jack and Stench may not be that great of a show to ‘sports fans’ who like listening to that Bill guy, but for others like me – they make the morning fun. Please bring JJ&S back, Star won’t be the same without them. A caring listener….

  142. I cant believe this…I SOOOOOOOOO miss them… them made me laugh…its a CROCk…CLEAR CHANNEL at work again….wont listen to this station now…..

  143. I am so glad Jamie is off the air. I didn’t listen to Star in the mornings, because I found her rather rude and annoying. I always wondered who she thought she was to talk to people the way she does and who on earth would listen to her. No respect, I tell you. Once I met her in person and realized she was even worse in person, I boycotted Star radio for letting somebody with lack of integrity represent them. She was flat was insulting people at this ‘offsite Star radio appearance.’ when asked for an apology, she refused. I have no respect for her or for anybody who would employee such a tactless woman. I would listen to Ryan Seacrest over that classless b@tch anyday. I can’t believe she actually has FANS out there. It just blows my mind.

  144. David-I love your comment about Jamie being trailer park trash and I find it true. But how dare you say she is the epitome of real women. What kind of women do YOU hang out with? I know nobody like her and don’t wish to. If people look at her and think that most women are like her, then I would be ashamed to be a woman. Please don’t insult the rest of us by saying she is anything like the us. What she needs is class and integrity. Maybe even a good beating, which I’m more than willing to give. ; )

  145. […] With the demise of the Jamie Jack and Stench show, Another One Bites the Dust has shot back up to the top 5 pages on the site. It turns out it’s the #7 hit on Google for “jamie jack and stench.” Oddly, the comments feed for Alternative to Music? is #8. Not the post itself, which includes all the same comments, but the feed. […]

  146. thank goodness! now i can start listening to star 98 again. i’ve taken it off my radio buttons just in case i accidentally push it and hear that awful morning show with that awful woman who thinks she’s cool and funny… yuck!

    thank you star!

  147. I agree with June. I only tune into star after JJ&S show is finished after 10:00. I would try to listen to their show but would end up having to change it because of the content they would talk about on their show. It was awful. It’s now nice to get into my car and not have to listen to all their horrible talk. Thanks star.

  148. I guess it doesn’t make a difference if we want them back anymore. I do want them back but the station prefered that other rumbling idiot of lawyer telling Jamie off. Sooner or later the station will be over because we listened only for JJ&S show. There’s only a few nerds out there that wanted them off. They can listen to Kiss if they wanted music all the time in the mornings. Will never listen again to Star. Maybe JJ& Stench can get hired by another radio station. We will sure switch to them . Keep us posted.

  149. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor. J, J &S were hilariuos. I don’t care if Jamie was rude, she was still funny. They really woke me up in the morning. There are no good morning shows out there.


  151. Can anyone tell me what exactly happened to the Jamie, Jack and Stench show? I was away for a few days, I came back, tuned in to 98.7 and JJS are not on anymore and I missed what happened!! Did they get fired or the show was cancelled or what???

  152. THANK GOD they are off the air I work graveyard and every morning I go home and look for something to listen to. Finally I can listen to music without having to pop in a cd. I might not have listened to them on star but they played in bakersfield on klly and now I say good riddence to them. wish I could pick up 97.1 here in the mountains I would listen to Adam and Danny and probably laugh more than I did when Danny was with that piece of trash.

  153. I really liked Jamie, Jack & Stench! I dont care what you people say… They made my 1 1/2 hour commute worthwile! Now that they are gone, i’ve moved on to Kevin & Bean! (Lisa may, Ralph Garmen, Lightning, Psycho Mike, Dave the king of Mexico, Alex, & the whole morning show gang) Anything is better than Seacrest & Ellen K… Although… Seacrest & Foxy were a great Duo!

  154. Since people keep landing on this page after asking, “What happened to Danny Bonaduce?” this week, here’s the answer: They gave him his own show. He’s now on 97.1 from 2:00–3:00 in the afternoon, between Frosty, Heidi & Frank and Tom Leykis.

  155. Frosty, Heidi, and Frank are out of a job. KLSX, the radio station which they called home for 9 years, flipped formats and now plays Top 40 music.

    Adam Corolla was also let go.

    Hopefully, FHF will find another home soon.

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