Re-Reading Les Misérables

Thoughts and commentary on Victor Hugo’s masterpiece.

Switching to Eleventy

I finally converted this blog from WordPress to a static site generator. After completing two full read-throughs of the novel I don’t update this blog very often, and hardly anyone comments on it anyway. This way I don’t have to keep up with WordPress and plugin updates on a site that might as well be static, it’ll load a lot faster, and I can still add the occasional post easily enough.

Some changes: To keep things simple, I dropped comments and search [Edit: since it’s static files now, I just let the sitewide search engine index it!], and I made the tag/category archives tables of contents instead of aggregates. I incorporated some of my own responses to comments into the articles as updates or stand-alone posts.

Tech notes: I went with Eleventy. I used wordpress-export-to-markdown to convert the exported WordPress archive to Markdown (with images!), and built the simplest possible set of templates and styles. eleventy-plugin-rss adds a feed, and I looked at some functions from eleventy-base-blog to build things like the tag archives and understand how to convert dates.

It took me about a day to get most of it together. There are probably still some glitches and broken links. If you find anything broken, please let me know by email: kelson at pobox dot com.

Update: I forgot to link to a pair of articles that helped me get started: Taking WordPress to Eleventy (Josh Can Help) and How To Migrate From WordPress To The Eleventy Static Site Generator (Smashing Magazine).