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The Flash and Batman
Real Name: Barry Allen*
Occupation: unknown
Base of Operations: Central City
Voiced by: Charlie Schlatter
See Also: Flash (animated: JLU), Flash II: Barry Allen

The Flash is a super-speedster from Central City, and a member of the Justice League. He tends to be impulsive and speaks quickly. In addition to running fast, he can vibrate his molecules to phase himself and others harmlessly through matter. As a drawback, he also has a hyper-metabolism which requires him to eat massive amounts of food.

He first worked with Batman outside the League when the Mirror Master traveled to Gotham City with his henchwoman, Smoke. Duplicates—or rather mirror images—of the two heroes stole high-end optical components for him. When the Flash heard about the robberies, he sought out Batman and Robin. The trio teamed up to track down and defeat the villains. (“A Mirror Darkly,” 2007)

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.


TV Appearances

  • The Batman episode: “The Joining, Part 2” (Season 4; May 5, 2007) cameo
  • The Batman episode: “A Mirror Darkly” (Season 5; November 3, 2007)
  • The Batman episode: “Lost Heroes” (Season 5; March 8, 2008)


The Batman takes place in a different universe than Justice League Unlimited (see Flash: JLU). Charlie Schlatter reprises the role, having voiced the character in his first Superman appearance. The Flash’s identity has not been revealed within the show, but the producers have said he is Barry Allen. In personality, he is a mix between the TV Barry Allen and Bart Allen (Impulse).

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