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[Más y Menos (Animated)]

Más y Menos (Spanish for “More and Less”) are a pair of twin speedsters who only have super-speed when in physical contact with each other. They are about 12 years old, speak only Spanish, and fight crime as members of Titans East.

Text by Kelson Vibber. Do not copy without permission.


  • Animated style: Teen Titans Go! #34 (October 2006) - Sean Galloway
  • DCU version: Teen Titans (third series) #38 (September 2006) - Carlos Ferreira

TV Appearances

  • Teen Titans episodes: “Titans East” parts 1&2 (Season 3; January 15&22, 2005)
  • Teen Titans episode: “For Real” (Season 5; October 15, 2005)
  • Teen Titans episode: “Calling All Titans” (Season 5; January 7, 2006)
  • Teen Titans episode: “Titans Together” (Season 5; January 14, 2006)

Comic Book Appearances

  • Teen Titans Go! #25 (January 2006), J. Torres
  • Teen Titans Go! #34 (October 2006), J. Torres


[Más y Menos (DCU)] Originally created for the Teen Titans animated series, Más y Menos were introduced into the comic-book DC Universe in Teen Titans v.3 #34. In that issue, they are among the heroes who were briefly members of the Teen Titans during the “missing year” between Infinite Crisis and One Year Later.

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