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This page is a rough draft. I will be adding to it as I go through my notes from rewatching the series.


Allen Family

Recurring/Notable Characters

Regular Cast

Julio Mendez

Occupation: Police scientist
Played by: Alex Désert

Police scientist in Central City working under Barry Allen and his main ally in his civilian identity. His fun-loving attitude contrasts with Barry’s seriousness.

Dr. Tina McGee

Full Name: Christina McGee
Known Relatives: Jocelyn Weller (mother), unnamed father, unnamed sister, David McGee (husband, deceased)
Occupation: Scientist
Played by: Amanda Pays
See Also: Tina McGee (comics)

Scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs who was called in to examine Barry Allen after he was struck by lightning. She helped him discover his super-speed and became his ally as the Flash. She has enough clearance that virtually all of S.T.A.R.’s resources are at her disposal.

Tina’s parents split up when she was 13. Her mother left to find herself, and Tina stayed with her father. Her mother is an art dealer, and has never approved of Tina’s interest in science. About a year before meeting Barry, her husband David was killed while researching human enhancement and genetic modification. They were pressured to test the process on human subjects, and he tried it on himself, killing him.

Lt. Warren Garfield

Occupation: Police Lieutenant
Played by: Mike Genovese

Barry’s boss at the Central City Police Department. Garfield has a gruff, no-nonsense attitude, but he stands by his officers. He married his long-time girlfriend, Mavis in episode 8, “Shroud of Death.”

Bellows and Murphy

Occupation: Police Officers
Played by: (Bellows) Vito D’Ambrosio; (Murphy) Biff Manard

Pair of cops who serve as the comic relief for the show. Murphy, the older of the two, always has some get-rich-quick scheme on the side. A long-running gag involved the fact that Murphy was never around when Bellows saw the Flash. Murphy didn’t believe the Flash existed, and at one point Bellows even thought Murphy was the Flash!

Allen Family

Henry and Nora Allen

Occupation: (Henry) Police Sergeant, retired
Played by: M. Emmet Walsh and Priscilla Pointer
See Also: Henry and Nora Allen (comics)

Henry Allen was a beat cop for 30 years before retiring. His sons Jay and Barry followed his footsteps onto the police force. Henry never appreciated Barry’s job in the crime lab as much as Jay’s job on the street. Nora volunteers at a shelter for single mothers.


  • Episode 1 (Pilot)
  • Episode 6: “Sins of the Father”
  • Episode 14: “Be My Baby” (Nora)

Jay and Eve Allen

Occupation: (Jay) Motorcycle Cop
Played by: Tim Thomerson and Patrie Allen
See Also: Jay Garrick (comics)

Jay Allen, Barry’s brother, was head of the Central City Police Motorcycle Division. He was appointed head of a task force to deal with the Dark Riders, a biker gang terrorizing the city. The gang’s leader, Nicholas Pike—Jay’s former partner until he caught Pike running a hijacking operation—ambushed and killed him. Jay was survived by his wife Eve and their son Shawn.

Appearances: Episode 1 (Pilot)

Note: Tim Thomerson also appeared in a Baby Ruth commercial as the Flash knock-off, The Blur.

Shawn Allen

Occupation: Student
Played by: Justin Burnette (normally) and Paul Whitthorne (future)

Son of Jay and Eve Allen.


  • Episode 1 (Pilot)
  • Episode 4: “Honor Among Thieves”
  • Episode 15: “Fast Forward”

Recurring/Notable Characters

Joe Kline

Occupation: TV Reporter
Played by: Richard Belzer

Reporter and anchorman for WCCN, Joe Kline is billed as the “Voice of the City.” Somewhat slimy, always out to increase his ratings.


  • Episode 1 (Pilot)
  • Episode 3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Episode 5: “Double Vision”
  • Episode 9: “Ghost in the Machine”
  • Episode 11: “Beat the Clock”
  • Episode 12: “Tina, Is That You?” 
  • Episode 15: “Fast Forward”
  • Episode 16: “The Deadly Nightshade”
  • Episode 20: “Goodnight, Central City”
  • Episode 22: “Trial of the Trickster”

Megan Lockhart

Occupations: Private Investigator, Repossession Agent
Played by: Joyce Hyser

Private detective hired by Central City District Attorney Thomas Castillo to track down the Flash’s identity. She succeeded, at which point the corrupt Castillo blackmailed him and tried to have Lockhart killed. The experience led her to rethink her line of work, and she left town for Los Angeles.

[Megan dressed as Prank, the Trickster's sidekick] While in LA she started doing repo work, which brought her into contact with psychopath James Jesse. Jesse became obsessed with her, and she returned to Central City seeking help from the Flash. Sparks flew between her and Barry, but she left town once again after the Flash stopped the Trickster.

Lockhart settled in San Francisco, running a detective agency and banking on the publicity from the Trickster case. She lost track of Barry, returning to Central City only for Jesse’s trial. When the Trickster escaped and brainwashed the Flash, Lockhart teamed up with Tina McGee to stop them both. In the process, Megan reconnected with Barry, even asking him to move to San Francisco with her, though he turned her down.


  • Episode 3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Episode 13: “The Trickster”
  • Episode 22: “Trial of the Trickster”

Dr. Desmond Powell

Occupation: Doctor, Chief of staff at Central City Hospital
Base of Operations: Central City
Played by: Jason Bernard

Chief of staff at Central City Hospital and friend of Lt. Garfield, Desmond Powell was also the 1950s crimefighter, the Nightshade. (See Nightshade bio for more details.)


  • Episode 9: “Ghost in the Machine”
  • Episode 16: “The Deadly Nightshade”

Iris West

Occupation: Artist (hand-tinted computer graphics)
Played by: Paula Marshall
See Also: Iris West (comics)

Artist Iris West was dating Barry Allen at the time of his accident. Her career was just picking up with her first gallery show, and they broke up shortly after he missed the opening. They got back together briefly, then Iris left for Paris to pursue her art career.

Appearances: Episode 1 (Pilot)


Played by: Dick Miller

Small-time con man and pickpocket who knows just about everyone on the wrong side of the law in Central City. A long-time informant for first Henry, then Jay, and later Barry Allen.


  • Episode 3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Episode 16: “The Deadly Nightshade”
  • Episode 17: “Captain Cold”
  • Episode 20: “Goodnight, Central City”
  • Episode 21: “Alpha”


Played by: Gloria Reuben

Julio’s girlfriend. Constantly trying to set Barry up with one or another of her friends.


  • Episode 3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Episode 9: “Ghost in the Machine”
  • Episode 13: “The Trickster”
  • Episode 15: “Fast Forward”
  • Episode 19: “Done with Mirrors”
  • Episode 22: “Trial of the Trickster”
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  • Tina McGee: Episode #3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Garfield: Episode #20: “Goodnight, Central City”
  • Bellows: Episode #13: “The Trickster”
  • Murphy: Episode #20: “Goodnight, Central City”
  • Joe Kline: Episode #15: “Deadly Nightshade”
  • Megan Lockhart: Episode #3: “Watching the Detectives”
  • Desmond Powell: Episode #15: “Deadly Nightshade”
  • Fosnight: Episode #21: “Alpha”
  • Sabrina: Episode #9: “Ghost in the Machine”
  • Everyone Else: Episode #1 (Pilot)

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