I guess it’s just the “HP and the A of B” pattern, combined with the new movie coming out, but I’d like to see titles like:

But let’s stay away from titles like:

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter titles I’d like to see

  1. Have I gone totally something positive or would the following title really be bad:

    Debbie Does Hogwarts


    Also not on my favorites list for sequels:

    How Hermione Got Her Groove Back
    When Harry Met Choo
    Durmstrang, the Undiscovered Country
    The Wizard Clause

  2. Harry Potter And The Secret Of Nymh (spelling?)

    Harry Potter And The Curse Of Michael Myers

    Harry Potter: Advent Children

    Harry Potter: Revenge Of The Death Eaters

    Harry Potter And The Legend Of Zelda
    (which would of course spawn Harry Potter: Time-Turner; Grindelwald’s Mask; and Twilight Half-Blood Prince; among others)

    I also have a few originals:
    Harry Potter And The Kidney Stone
    Harry Potter And The Chamber Pot
    Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Alcatraz (spelling?)

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