On the same corner where a few weeks ago someone had placed “Atomic X For Governor” signs, Katie and I saw a new parody. There’s a candidate in a local election named Brett Floyd, and someone had gotten neon pink cardboard and written up a “Vote Pink Floyd” sign.

For once we actually had a camera in the car, but couldn’t get it out fast enough.

Update November 7!

We got a photo on Saturday, and finally got the pictures back! It was too blurry to read, so it’s overly processed, but here it is:
Two campaign signs reading 'Vote Brett Floyd' and 'Vote Pink Floyd'

One thought on “Interesting write-in candidates

  1. I guess now is a good time to quote “Curse my metal body, I wasn’t fast enough.”

    Then again, maybe not.

    When we were in Irvine several signs were defaced, especially ones for Larry Agrain’s opponent. “Want trains in your neighborhood?” was altered to say “Want BRAINS in your neighborhood…”

    It really reminded me of zombies, which reveals the Buffy overload in my life.

    Hmmm… tasty BRAINS.

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