So you don’t like the candidates in national elections? Vote in the primaries.

You don’t like the primary choices either? Vote in the state-level and midterm elections.

You don’t like the midterm choices? Vote in your local elections.

National candidates don’t appear out of thin air. They start locally and climb up. And those local offices affect you more directly than the national level offices.

Plus: the smaller the area covered, the bigger percentage of the final tally is represented by your vote. 1/1,000 may be small, but it’s a lot bigger than 1/100,000,000!

I figured I’d wait until after the election to post this one.

Insert your own joke about renting politicians.

(Sorry about the image quality; it was across an intersection, so it was pretty small on the original image. I didn’t even resize it. It’s just cropped. Yeah, my camera isn’t that fantastic once you get down to a 1:1 pixel view)

Now that the election is done, here are some of the campaign signs we saw that elicited some unintended laughter.

Hunt Sherrif

I couldn’t decide between two captions: “But I did not hunt the deputy…” and “I didn’t think they were in season.”


This isn’t funny on its own, but coming right off the Lost season finale, all I could think was, “Vote for me, brother!”

Go with Tan!

Uh… I hate to break it to you, but that’s green