Driving back from the Tori concert, fortified with Frappuccinos, we were trying to figure out the distribution of songs per album. Kelson commented that there were several from singles, and that she could probably release an album of just B-sides and have it sell well, which prompted us to start naming all the B-sides we could. At one point we were stuck, and then we came up with her version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I started singing the chorus, Tori-style, and a few seconds after I stopped, Kelson said, “You know, it just proves how out of it I am……right after you started, I was about to try to turn up the volume.”

I definitely need to sing more.

One thought on “Interesting compliment #24

  1. I’ve been meaning to post this since the day after the original post……I named the wrong song above. The conversation still took place, and I might have sung “Teen Spirit” too, but what actually prompted the “volume” comment was the chorus of “Wednesday.”

    Better late than never.

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