It’s official: Vertical Horizon now has ten songs to their name that we’ve determined to be at least 75% appropriate for sci-fi, fantasy, or anime music videos. The only other band that comes close to this is the Wallflowers, with four. Don’t ask me how they do this. We just watch (and occasionally read) stuff, then listen to songs, and the songs fit.

Tuesdays, we go over for dinner and Farscape with Kelson’s family. Scapers, get ready to wail: last night’s program was “Self Inflicted Wounds.” Both episodes. For non-Scapers, yes, it was as big an emotional wringer as you may have guessed. When we got home after a round of coffee and sympathy, I checked a hunch on the lyric sheet for the latest VH album, Go. Bingo–“Won’t Go Away” has now officially joined the ranks of the video-able.

At the risk of sounding like an IMDb summary, get the full list here……

In chronological order of idea solidification:

  1. “Everything You Want,” Babylon 5, Marcus and Ivanova. The first video idea we came up with, and I’m determined that one of these days we’ll actually do it.
  2. “You’re A God,” Buffy, Ben and Glory from season 5. Has the possibility to be quite funny.
  3. “All of You,” The Wheel of Time, Rand and his three (four? five?) women. Yes, a book video. It’ll never happen but those who know the books and the song know it’s interesting to picture.
  4. “Shackled,” Babylon 5, G’Kar and Londo. This one didn’t really congeal until we hit on making it dual-POV rather than sticking to one character. Now it’ll probably the second one we try to do, if the DVDs all make it out into the world.
  5. “Miracle,” Battle Athletes Victory. Done and well done by ErMac Studios.
  6. “Give You Back,” Video Girl Ai. “I need to know if you were real/’Cause I’ve been known to get it wrong….”
  7. “You Say,” Angel, season 3 finale and environs. We played this for Kelson’s family a few nights after the finale aired and got a pretty positive response. Again, it won’t happen until the appropriate DVDs materialize.
  8. “Forever,” Buffy, Willow and Tara. This one is Kelson’s and I think he’s having fun with it.
  9. “Goodbye Again,” Farscape, Chiana and D’Argo. As I have no idea what’s in store on that front, this video would have to be a slice-of-time piece from “The Locket” through at least “Self Inflicted Wounds,” with appropriate additional footage from other eps put in for theme and visuals.
  10. “Won’t Go Away,” Farscape, Zhaan and Stark. I plan to play the song for the Farscape support group next week and see what happens.

The Wallflowers songs:

  1. “Sleepwalker,” The Wheel of Time, dreamwalking and Tel’aran’rhiod. Don’t know how I’m going to handle the “Sam Cooke” bit if any visuals ever get made.
  2. “Witness,” Buffy, evil Angel and the twisting of the relationship. ‘Nuff said.
  3. “I’ve Been Delivered,” Buffy general video. It’s just too hard to resist a song that starts off with a line about breaking out of a coffin and actually contains the word “vampire.” There’s no way I can get a theme out of this, so it’d just be whatever fits with the song.
  4. “Everybody Out of the Water,” Angel, all the apocalyptic season 4 stuff. There’d be some Buffy clips in there too, from season 7 and the other apocalypse-y thing. First in line to get made when the DVDs come out.

Anybody got any more?

One thought on “Vertical Horizon winning the filk wars

  1. Update: VH now has a total of 12.

    11. “I’m Still Here,” Lord of the Rings trilogy, Faramir. “The lights go out, the cities burn/Once you’re gone you can’t return/But I’m still here.”

    12. “One of You,” Farscape, general Crichton video. Technically, Aeryn would be getting a verse of her own, too, but she sort of counts along.

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