Now this is really unusual: Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is standing by his criticism of President Bush’s diplomacy.

Usually when a high-profile politician or activist says something unpopular they make some lame excuse about “well, what I meant was…”

You rarely hear someone say “I said something stupid,” and hardly ever do you hear them say “I said it, and I meant it.”

It reminds me of a story posted on This Is True a while back about a French politician who was spotted in the audience at a cabaret show that included male nudity. True editor Randy Cassingham summed up the response as “Yeah, so?”

4 thoughts on “No Backpedaling Here

  1. Your posts seem to disappear, sometimes. This one is the most recent example.

    I commented on it, then went to compose a blog entry of my own. When I came back to scoop up some links, the post was gone from the front page.

    I even refreshed my browser. No love.

    If it weren’t for your “most recent comments” box, I’m not sure how/if I could’ve retrieved the entry.

    Am I missing something?

  2. It’s probably the “From the archive…” posts. The second post on the front page is always a randomly-chosen old post. It’s cached, so it’ll keep the same one when you hit reload, but the cache is cleared whenever a comment gets accepted, and it picks a new random post.

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