The closer the Hawaii week looms in my schedule, the gladder I am that it’s almost here. The next two days in my war-hawk-populated workplace are going to be bad enough. If there weren’t going to be auditors in the place forcing us to behave, I would feel like handcuffing myself to my chair to keep from throwing down with the large woman across the aisle. I’m making myself take half-hour lunches so that I’m not in the vicinity of the TV when people are bitching about the fact that some people have opinions that don’t match theirs and are allowed to express them. I’ll have to post instead of talking as this thing drags on, I guess. It’s just unnerving when going to choir seems like it’ll be less stressful than surviving a day at work.

2 thoughts on “Sheesh….

  1. Hey, Katie.

    I second the recommendation of the very secret diaries o’ Shrub, Rummy and Blix. V. entertaining.

    And I share your hawk-infested workplace pain. For me, it’s the blond, blue-eyed graphic design guy — he’s so all-American it almost hurts. He even grew up on a ranch, owns a Dodge Ram, and restores John Deere tractors for a hobby. And I think that almost every day, from 4 to 5 in the afternoon, he feels compelled to extol the virtues of Bush, praise the invasion of Iraq, and demonize France, anti-war demonstrators and Muslims. *twitch*

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