The B2 /Cafelog project is evolving into WordPress. I finally got around to updating the software, and I’ve run into a few problems with some of my customizations. Mainly there’s no “On This Page” list on the sidebar, but if you notice anything else odd or broken-looking, comment on it here!

5 thoughts on “New Blog Software

  1. BTW, I already know about the SmartQuotes. I don’t see a way to turn them off easily, but at least it uses the proper coding so it should work on any platform, not just Windows IE.

  2. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

    But really, glad to hear you’re usinsg WordPress. Your layout looks sharp.

  3. Thanks! I actually have a few minor changes I’ve been working on, and I may upload them later tonight.

    The main problem I have with the smart quotes here is that they mess up the date (using a left single quote instead of an apostrophe), which is very prominent on a blog! I’ve been looking for a place to submit a bug, and finally ended up on your Texturizer page, and submitted it there.

    There’s another problem with apostrophes in titles. They seem to be getting inserted as the raw character instead of the character code, which breaks both XHTML validation and some browsers.

    Well, it’s still an 0.x version – but overall I like the improvement from B2 0.6!

  4. Some other XML probs… the ampersand in “Wolfram & Hart” gets passed through as a raw ampersand in the RDF version‘s <description> field, which will (or should) break anything trying to parse it.

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