193 people have filed candidacy papers for the upcoming recall election. Just think about it: if every application is verified, we could have almost two hundred names on the ballot, just for one office. And they’re going to be listed randomly.

Imagine how long the ballot will be. Heck, imagine how long the info pamphlet will be. Nearly 200 candidate statements.

Only a plurality is required. In theory, it would be possible to win the election with less than one percent of the vote. Of course, we’ll probably end up with only about 5-10 people who are seriously campaigning, so it’ll be more like 10% required to win, and some polls are already giving Arnold Schwarzenegger 40%. Come to think of it, the sheer number of names may be enough by itself to get him into office: he’s got greater name recognition than anyone else on the list.

Assuming people can find him in 15 pages of unsorted names.

3 thoughts on “Oh, what a circus!

  1. Assuming people can find him in 15 pages of unsorted names.

    Well sure — he’s got the longest name in the list! A fine qualification for political office, to be sure.

    Wait, I take that back… David Laughing Horse Robinson may have him beat.

  2. I am David Laughing Horse Robinson, the Governor for California’s people but in the language of my Tribe (Kawaiisu) it is Ke’enon Wor’or diff. The other side of this subject of length I am the only candidate that can say that I come from hundreds or even thousands of generations of California leaders and we did a great job. We are a culture that cares about people no matter what their ethnic background or statis.

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