Yesterday I was trying to explain to Katie the furor that erupted back when DC replaced Green Lantern Hal Jordan with Kyle Rayner. I came up with this analogy:

Imagine that a new Star Trek series begins with Captain Picard going insane, killing off the entire crew of the Enterprise, and destroying all of Starfleet except for one ship. That one ship gets handed to someone similar to Wesley Crusher, but who has never appeared before.

6 thoughts on “Green Lantern Madness!

  1. hello, my name is Jaime Hernandez i`m from mexico city.
    i`m searching the number 50 (part 3 of emerald twilight)
    because i`m lost my original issue.
    Please, tell me if i can find it ¡¡¡¡

  2. Whoa!, was it really that bad, when the title of green lantern was given to Rayner…….. Did not know that.
    The DC fans back then must have been brtutal.

    For the record, Wesley Crusher sucks.

    (and it also sucks that we in London UK don’t get the same type of free comic book day, as you guys do.)

  3. Since there are a grand total of four references online to this Taggett person — comments here, the Wikipedia article on Green Lantern, and a couple of threads on and (both of which are skeptical) — would you be so kind as to list issue numbers for these stories? Otherwise, I have to conclude that this is either a hoax or someone’s fanfic.

  4. Unless they include verifiable information, any further posts about “Robert Taggett” will be removed as spam. Actual issue numbers would be verifiable. A press release or listing on DC’s actual website would be verifiable. A picture of an action figure outside of its box—particularly one that looks like a repainted DC: New Frontier Hal Jordan figure—is not.

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