Yet another call of “I can’t retrieve email!” Always from Outlook users. If you use Eudora, Netscape – hell, even Outlook Express, you’ll get some sort of error message if it stops working. You can usually solve it by closing the program and starting it up again. But Outlook… Outlook will get into modes where it says it’s connecting, but it will never actually contact the server. Outlook will decide it needs to ask you for your password over and over again. And if you close Outlook, it’s not necessarily gone. Even “Exit and Log Off” doesn’t always do it. No, you have to reboot the %#@! computer. And if you’re lucky, you don’t have to track down the elusive Inbox Repair Tool (which might be in the Start menu. Maybe.)

I swear, if Outlook didn’t have the name Microsoft in front of it, no one would buy it. Maybe the latest version is better, but everything I’ve tried to use or troubleshoot is still just Schedule+ on steroids with email thrown in. Calling Outlook an email program is like calling a big clunky van a race car because you’ve replaced the engine. Outlook Express, for all its rampant security problems, is a much better mail program than its namesake.


3 thoughts on “I hate Outlook!

  1. Actually Netscape 4 mail did that too. Asking for password over and over. Had to close Netscape and start it up again. What I hate is when Netscape 4 would neglect to bring up the user profile chooser and go directly to the last user’s homepage. That required a system reboot always. Blech.

  2. I feel your pain(s)…………….

    As a former IT pro, Im glad that I had a chance to help develop OfficePax- which is a total independant collaboration/Email/CRM/Shared Calendars and Unlimited File Transfer platfrom.

    I suggest that you look at our work (and put it to the test!)

    [Edit: link no longer exists]

  3. Yeah I don’t have that issue with officepax and officepax is more cost efficient for small to mid-size companies. The software does the job of outlook, exchange, act and goldmine.

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