In The Matrix: Revolutions, when Smith asked Neo why he kept fighting, I thought he answered, “Because I’m too stupid.” It wasn’t until I went to the IMDb discussion forums that I figured out he said, “Because I choose to.” I can’t decide if this is better than thinking that, in The Two Towers, Sam said to Gollum, “You’re a wuss.” (Actual line: “You’re hopeless.”) Anybody got others?

4 thoughts on “What’s my line

  1. You could’ve asked me that. Auriel did. (I can’t believe I, Mr. Can’t-Hear-Lyrics-to-Save-My-Life, caught a line correctly that two, count’em two people misheard.)

  2. And I finally figured out on Sunday that in FOTR, when the Fellowship is hiding in the bushes from the flock of crows, what Legolas says is coming from Dunland is “Crebain.” I’d thought until now that it was crow-something. Crebain are really evil big crows specific to Middle-Earth. And I wouldn’t have known that if 1) they hadn’t made it clear in ROTK that they were pronouncing “-ain” the suffix as “ine,” a la Dunedain, and 2) I didn’t play Angband….

  3. For years I thought the Master’s line to the Doctor:
    “You’re getting old, Doctor, your will is weak!@
    Was in fact;
    “You’re getting old, Doctor, your willy’s weak!”

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