When I got into work this morning, our receptionist remarked to me, “Sorry, no coffee.” I assumed she meant “No coffee yet,” so I went back to my desk, read email, etc. Then I went back up to the lunch room for some coffee.

That’s when I discovered she really meant, “No coffee.” Apparently the maintenance guy didn’t hook it back up right yesterday, because the first person to walk into the room this morning discovered a medium-sized lake on the floor.

This after staying up late last night stuffing envelopes… I’m drinking cola with breakfast. And I’m seriously considering taking a cue from another coworker who went downstairs to the café on the first floor.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Emergency!

  1. That bites. Some genius turned off the coffee machine at our place (ooh, that’s a shiny interesting bug in IE5–the comment box is the width of the screen and goes behind the sidebar! I have computer attention deficit another white dash, another white dash) and the coalition of geniuses who arrived before me didn’t process that it needed to be turned ON in order to produce hot water. And this was at 10 when I went to make emergency tea……

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