I got this ad a few years ago in my Science Fiction Book Club mailer and kept it for the fall-on-your-ass-laughing value. What with the picking out of china patterns that goes along with modern weddings, it seemed perfect to trot out now.

Plates, cups and saucers with dragons painted on them, captioned: Summon the mighty dragon to your table and make every meal truly legendary.

I’ve tried to find out if it’s possible to get just a set of mugs, which it wasn’t at the time. Maybe I should start hunting around on eBay……

5 thoughts on “Things we’re not registering for

  1. It looks perfect for social gatherings.
    “What do I have to roll around here to get someone to pass the potatoes?”
    Hey, maybe the dishes should come with crystal dice!

  2. sadly i a have searched ebay and did not find any at all…..because i just came into a mint condition un used set with paperwork and i was looking for info about them.. i will be putting the whole st up for sale once i find the info im looking for it is a nice set good luck finding mugs!

  3. I think they’re Franklin Mint. I don’t remember how old the set is, but I’m fairly certain it was after 2000, so that would narrow it down to maybe 2000-2003?

    Sorry I don’t remember any more detail.

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