Billboard offering breast enhancement surgery with a picture of an 'actual patient' - but it's a head shot.

This is just around the corner from the “roller coaster.”

But think about it. If she’s a real patient, shouldn’t they show, well, her breasts? Not like that, you pervert, in a bikini or something! Gyms tend to show before-and-after (or just after) shots of people with muscled or trim torsos. The whole reason you put an “actual customer” in the ad is to show the results, right?

(Oh, this journal is going to end up getting filtered for sure!)

4 thoughts on “Something Missing

  1. Errrr… maybe those amorphous blue lumps to either side of her head are her breasts. In which case the billboard isn’t an advertisement but a warning.

  2. Or maybe they’re trying to send to women the spurious message that nothing matters but breasts? “Even women with very pretty faces need large breasts to attract men. Don’t think you’re any different.”

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