I realized this morning what struck me as odd about the original crew of Moya: they’re not a crew, they’re a D&D party. Two warriors, a priest, a thief, and Ordinary Guy (who’d probably be classed as a bard). We started trying to categorize everyone else who shows up and realized that we’d need to know all the kits and extra subclasses to do it right. Then I thought of trying to determine alignments and couldn’t decide whether to use the D&D system or the TMNT system (which I barely know but seems to work better for actual people). It was at that point that Kelson said, “You know, it’d be easier to sort them into Hogwarts houses.” So we did.

Slytherin: Scorpius, Chiana, Crais, Rygel, Grayza. Pretty much no-brainers.

Ravenclaw: Jool, Sikozu, Zhaan, Noranti. Crichton starts out here and ends up in Gryffindor.

Gryffindor: D’Argo, Talyn. Joined later by Crichton and Aeryn.

Hufflepuff: Pilot and Moya, Stark (because he doesn’t fit anywhere else), Braca. Aeryn starts here and moves to Gryffindor.

5 thoughts on “Sorting the Leviathan

  1. I agree about everyone except Chiana. She has no ambitions whatsoever. Okay, her morals are highly unconventional, and she can be manipulative, but I don’t think Slytherin is a general dumping ground for bad apples. It can’t be manipulation–Crabbe and Goyle couldn’t manipulate their way out of a paper bag. Fred and George are all kinds of naughty. Cho Chang is totally selfish. Hermione (at least when she’s sorted) has an enormous ego. That leaves ambition.

    For all her hedonism, Chiana’s much more willing than Rygel, much more quickly, to do her share in exchange for staying on Moya. She’s one of the most cooperative members of the crew. I give her an exceptionally unorthodox Hufflepuff.

  2. O.K.

    I don’t agree about Chi being a Slytherin. She’s selfish yes and ambitious yes… but in the end… especially in the latter series (late 3 and all of 4) she gets rid of the selfishness and generally does the right thing before you ask her to. She’s loyal to a fault and will pretty much do anything for her friends… she may consider bailing but, and here’s the important thing, she never does. Neither does she ever (unlike Rygel) sell them out.

    In otherwords, Draco/Lucius Malfoy she is not.

    I’d have stuck her in Hufflepuff to begin with… the sorting hat said Hufflepuff’s greatest asset is loyalty (and also brought out that they didn’t have much else going for them)and Chi is certainly loyal. She’d have ended up a Gryffindor but I’d start her in Hufflepuff.

    I agree with your Ravenclaw’s but I’d have put D’Argo in there as well. Revenclaw’s are known for being smart… but also being a bit anal…and D’Argo in the early years was nothing if not anal.

    This was fun thanks for posting it…

    And If you’re wondering who the heck I am and how I found your site ask your mother (in law) and she’ll fill you in *g*

  3. I don’t think that Rygel belongs in Slytherin. He’s not that bad. (Bear in mind I live in Britain, and haven’t seen the last series).

  4. Actually, I think Rygel is the epitome of Slytherin. The house isn’t about being evil, it’s about ambition and about putting your own goals ahead of other considerations — such as other people, or morals. (It’s also about valuing “pure” wizard blood, which fits with Rygel’s self- and Hynerian-centric worldview.) Snape’s working for the good guys despite being a Slytherin, and the sorting hat considered that Harry would fit in due to his ambition.

    As much as Rygel is willing to do his part (often reluctantly), when it comes down to it, he would sell out anyone on Moya to save his own skin or take back his throne. He doesn’t at every opportunity, but that’s largely because in many cases it would gain him little. The main reason he’s still on Moya is that he can’t get back to Hyneria.

    I do have to agree with Daniel and Arlisa about Chiana, though — especially after rewatching Season 4 (don’t worry, no spoilers). Aside from her massive screw-up with D’Argo and Jothee, and her reluctance to follow convention or discipline, she exhibits incredible loyalty to the crew, particularly to Moya, Pilot, and Crichton.

  5. Retraction: Chiana is not Slytherin. Don’t know what I’d say she is (which means she’d be in Hufflepuff), but not Slytherin. Took me a while, but better late than never. Three guesses as to what jogged my memory.

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