Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Let me just say that the upcoming Farscape miniseries looks incredible. They ran a trailer they had just finished — not the one that’s just started airing, but one they’ll start showing later on — and it looks like it may be the most intense four hours of Farscape ever. They’re very cagey about the actual plot, but the clips show a level of danger, action, and drama at least equal to Farscape at its best.

The stated goal is to “bring this chapter of Farscape to a close” — to tie up the major dangling storylines and leave things open for other miniseries, feature films, comics, spinoffs, etc. Who will be around by the end is unclear, but it’s clearly going to be a heck of a ride.

They opened the floor for questions from the audience, and let me just say, hilarity ensued. I’d never seen any of this group at a convention before, but when anything funny comes up, David Kemper, Claudia Black, and Ben Browder just run with it. (Edit: quotes are now available.)

Actually, there was a funny story Claudia told. Apparently security was very tight where the script was concerned, down to being printed on red paper with the recipient’s name on each copy. She was driving through Sydney, when someone opened her car door. She was moving, so she had all kinds of things in her car, and she went into self-defense mode, shouting in the lowest voice possible, “No! Get the [frell] out!” By this time the guy had grabbed her purse and just ran off. But what was in her purse? The script! At the point she was filing the police report, they asked her what was in the bag, and she explained there was a script, and they asked for clarification and she said she was an actor, working on Farscape, at which point the police dispatcher said something like “Oh, Ms. Black, we’ll have to catch him and make sure nobody posts spoilers all over the Internet!”

[Panelists at the Comic Con Farscape panel]
Panelists David Kemper, Rockne O’Bannon, Brian Henson, Claudia Black (standing), Ben Browder, and, uh, the Sci-Fi Channel guy

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