Comic-Con Quotes 2004

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Coments made at various panels during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. See also our con report, con photos and cosplay photos.

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Kicking Serious Butt

Thursday evening panel about balancing action and character development.

Is this chocolate or is this soap?
This is a convention. It’s soap.
Peter David, John Ringo, 22-Jul-2004
The good news is, it’s chocolate. The bad news is, I forgot to take the wrapper off.
Peter David, 22-Jul-2004
I know where you live.
Yeah, and you never come over and get your stuff.
Maryelizabeth Hart (Moderator), Steve Saffel (?), 22-Jul-2004
I played D&D exactly once . . . I was transformed into a thistle. They carried me around in a backpack for three hours, and at the end I was a thistle with experience.
Peter David, 22-Jul-2004
These guys are all lying to you, by the way.
Yeah, but we’re professional liars.
Harry Harrison, Peter David, 22-Jul-2004

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Tropes of Science Fiction/Fantasy

Friday afternoon panel about using elements from mythology and fairy tales in modern writing.

We have a moderator now, let’s ask her what we’re talking about.
Greg Keyes, 23-Jul-2004
I’ll mess with anything that moves.
Nobody move!
Nancy Holder, Peter David, 23-Jul-2004
Length of time required to siege a castle: 18,000 hits. And they’re all pornography.
Peter David, 23-Jul-2004

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Friday afternoon preview and Q&A with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. (See also our write-up of the MirrorMask preview.)

It’s like Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast... on acid... for kids.
Unnamed Sony exec as relayed by Neil Gaiman, 23-Jul-2004
If it keeps expanding like this, by the year 2015 the entire U.S. economy will depend on Comic-Con.
Neil Gaiman, 23-Jul-2004
It’s a render cottage garden.
Neil Gaiman, 23-Jul-2004

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New Line Cinema (Blade III and ROTK)

Friday evening previews and Q&A with various New Line staff and actors from Blade: Trinity, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and a couple of other movies that didn’t result in any good quotes.

. . . and he’s looking at me like he’s going to turn me into ass pudding . . .
Ryan Reynolds, 23-Jul-2004
There’s not much you can use a skull for.
Billy Boyd, 23-Jul-2004
He [Michael Pellerin] will honestly say things like, “Remember the time you were in Twizel, and you had the bad pizza, and you had to sit in the toilet for three days?” And you eventually go, “Oh yeah, I remember!” . . . Not that that actually happened.
Billy Boyd, 23-Jul-2004
He [Orlando Bloom] sat there and did 3 1/2 hours of commentary while we piled blankets on him.
Michael Pellerin, 23-Jul-2004
He [Viggo Mortensen] was standing behind the camera throwing the apples . . . And I’ve never seen him so happy.
Billy Boyd, 23-Jul-2004
. . . he goes to the . . . I don’t know what you call it, in Australia we call it the ATM, the automatic teller machine, what do you call it? . . . Oh, the ATM! It’s the same! It’s amazing the connection we have here between the two countries.
David Wenham, 23-Jul-2004

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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Saturday afternoon preview and Q&A with producers and actors from Farscape. (See also our write-up of the Farscape preview.)

You guys rock!
That’s Rock [O’Bannon], I’m David.
Audience member, David Kemper, 24-Jul-2004
We’ll give you Claudia’s phone number if you want it.
David Kemper, 24-Jul-2004
Was that something about emotionally weird bicycle riding?
Ben Browder, 24-Jul-2004
That was a lovely first date; thank you very much.
Claudia Black, 24-Jul-2004
Rygel’s gonna have a pisser of a career outside of Farscape.
Isn’t he doing Richard III?
No, he was too expensive.
Brian Henson, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, 24-Jul-2004
You’re asking if I’m wearing fishnet stockings . . . on the show, or now? (pulls up pantleg)
Ben Browder, 24-Jul-2004
You guys probably don’t know this, but we have obsessive fans.
David Kemper, 24-Jul-2004
That’s a good ad campaign for you, Thomas [Vitale]. “Farscape. It’s different from the waist down.”
Ben Browder, 24-Jul-2004
Let’s just say [of frell] that it’s a word that starts with F, ends with U-C-K and it’s not “fire truck.”
Claudia Black, 24-Jul-2004

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Sunday afternoon preview and Q&A with Joss Whedon and the entire Firefly cast. (See also our write-up of the Serenity preview and quotes from the 2005 Serenity panel at Comic Con.)

And I think you actors should take note of . . . that I’m really important.
Joss Whedon, 25-Jul-2004
We call Adam [Baldwin] “Stinkypants Mulligan.”
Nathan Fillion, 25-Jul-2004
Unfortunately they just call me “whore.”
That’s not true. We call her “stupid.”
Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, 25-Jul-2004
. . . I was wondering, could you tell us something about the plot of the movie?
Have you met me?!
Well, I live outside your house . . .
Audience member, Joss Whedon, 25-Jul-2004
I’m not gonna finish Serenity . . . I’m just gonna live there.
Nathan Fillion, 25-Jul-2004
Summer [Glau] and I were thinking about going on the road and doing a circus act called “The Flying Tams.”
Sean Maher, 25-Jul-2004
Thank God for Spandex. Can we talk about Spandex?
Gina Torres, 25-Jul-2004
. . . I’ve seen some of my scripts being ruined, but this is the first one I’ve ruined myself.
Joss Whedon, 25-Jul-2004

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