There’s a park just past the corner of Elrond and Ridge Route, and as I left that intersection I spotted a flock of about ten rather large ducks (Edit: it has been pointed out to me that most of these are actually Canada geese) walking across the park. I pulled over to start taking pictures, and realized that there were actually dozens of them, wandering around near the small (presumably artificial) lake that gives the park its name, Village Pond Park.

A line of geese.
Trekking across the park.

Geese approaching the pond.
Look! Water!

Duck, goose and turtles on a grate.
Crossing the pond.

Duck, goose and turtles on a grate.
Turtle Ducks? Edit: One of them actually is a duck!

Better than a good day at work?
I didn’t see any fish in there, but that didn’t deter this guy. And the ducks (and geese) must eat something other than duck food from the local 7-Eleven.

Village Pond and lots of geese.

I really should have gotten some more wide shots to show just how many ducks geese there were. Sure, it had nothing on the infamous pigeons of Trafalgar Square or St. Mark’s Square, but I’m used to seeing less than five ducks together in one place, so 50+ (there were quite a few still out on the grass) seems like quite a lot.

Oh, yes, about that duck food:
Healthy Quack Snacks?
Quack Snacks? *sigh*

Update: I’ve uploaded higher-resolution photos since the original post. Normally if that’s all I’ve done, I don’t call attention to the change, but since this one’s already been edited, I figured I should point it out.

6 thoughts on “Ducks… er, make that Geese

  1. Thanks… I feel kind of dumb for not realizing that they were another kind of bird entirely. I just figured they were a kind of duck I hadn’t seen before, and the talk about ducks on the signs just reinforced that impression.

    We’re pretty far from Ontario here (Southern California), so I assume they must be migrating already. That would explain the sheer numbers: it was probably a migrating flock making a rest stop at the pond.

  2. We don’t have some many pigeons in Trafalgar Square now. It’s now an offence to feed them, and I think that there may well be Pigeon Kill Squads.

  3. I’m trying to remember what it was like when I was there about 5 years ago. I saw it from a tour bus — I only had two days in London after one of those whirlwind tours of Europe. All I really remember is the tour guide talking about the pigeon food they sold being laced with contraceptives. On the other hand, that could have been Venice. I’m reasonably certain that it was in St. Marks that it was illegal to kick a pigeon. I did keep a travel diary, but it seems I didn’t write down those details.

    Do the pigeon death squads use peanuts coated with cyanide? 😉

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