Okay, this has got to be one of the strangest pairs of sci-fi news stories I’ve seen in a while.

First, Farscape star Ben Browder (John Crichton) will join the cast of Stargate SG-1 for its ninth season. (No word yet about his character, though I suppose he could appear as Daniel Jackson’s long-lost brother.)

Now it turns out that Farscape star Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) will reprise her Stargate SG-1 character Vala in a 5-episode arc next season. (The original episode in which she appears, “Prometheus Unbound”, airs in January.)

Another one for the “Holy frelling dren” file.

(Thanks to aeryncrichton for the news.)

2 thoughts on “Fargate!

  1. Oh, yeah, like I wouldn’t pass this on! I think the Scapers are getting over their snit fits faster than the Gaters…. It’s been interesting to discover that while many Scapers resent SG-1 for its larger audience (and ratings) and the support Sci Fi gave it, Gaters appear to resent Farscape for being the “media darling.” Aren’t fans funny?

    One of the Stargate producers has said that Ben, as a regular, will be in all episodes of season 9, but also that his character will not in any way be related to Daniel Jackson. Best guess is that he will be military, and be a member of the SG-1 team. It’ll shake things up a little, and the show has badly needed some shaking up since Richard Dean Anderson started backing out. (I believe he’s only in 6 episodes of season 8.)

    And Amanda Tapping is expecting her first baby around the time they start shooting season 9, and will certainly need some time off, so that’s where Claudia comes in. (By the way, Claudia’s first episode actually airs in Britain and Australia this week, and in the US in January.)

    It’s an amazing development, but if the writing actually picks up with some new characters to write for, this could be a good thing for SG-1. (I should say for anyone who’s reading this that I’ve watched SG-1 from the beginning and even own all the DVDs, even, but I feel it’s gone sadly downhill the past 2 or 3 years….) And it could be good for Farscape too, because it gives the actors greater exposure, may get some Gaters to look at the show, and hopefully make a feature film more likely….

    Fingers crossed that it’s a win-win situation….

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