Mac OS X Tiger will be released on April 29. Not suprisingly, you have to hunt around a bit to find the version number. Only once on the main page does it mention it’s really Mac OS X 10.4. Yep, those numbers are going to get harder and harder to see, folks. But what happens when they run out of cats?

Interesting cost comparison: the 5-system “Family Pack,” which can be used for both upgrades and fresh installs, costs $199. That’s only $70 more than a one-system package. It’s also the same as a one-system full install of Windows XP Home or two copies of the Windows XP Home Upgrade. And while Microsoft does offer additional licenses, the only pricing references I can find are three years old and only a $10 discount per extra system.

Of course, you also have to take into account Apple’s faster release cycle (IIRC this is the third version of Mac OS released since Windows XP shipped), though that’s slowing down.

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