They gone and done it. They killed off the mainish character they were promising, and somehow they managed to make it someone that most people are only going to mourn for the loss of a cute guy. Heck, I’ve noticed a huge amount of anti-Boone sentiment since the series started, so there’s probably joy in a lot of Mudvilles now.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I’m for calling Claire’s baby D’Argo until we find out what she names him. D’Argo Boone Charles Littleton, because you have to cover all your bases.

But that’s not what this post is about.

I’m all about the preview at the moment, because I think that for once, they might have been showing some real truth. If you’re a believer in the Shore Leave Theory, that is.

We see Locke get shot. This could be a flashback to the long-awaited How I Got My Wheelchair explanation, but I don’t buy that since he had present-day hair (or lack thereof) and it seems more in line with the head-hitting tendencies of the writers to have him get old after whatever-it-is takes him down. I think he gets shot–doesn’t matter by who–and should die but doesn’t. He looked supremely confident in the faceoff-with-Jack preview scene, like he’d figured something out. He really, truly believes with all he has in him that the island won’t let him die, and thus he survives. It’s also possible that Walt plays a part in this, and maybe it’s actually his doing that his backgammon partner doesn’t bite it.

So now the question is, who’s the unbeliever? Because that’s who’s holding the gun…….

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