From time to time on our morning (and sometimes evening) commute, we’ve spotted a multicolored blimp. Sometimes it’s in the air, sometimes it’s parked on a field.

The Puzzle Blimp Aloft

For obvious reasons, we’ve started calling it the “puzzle blimp.”

The Puzzle Blimp Aground

We kept wondering just whose blimp it was. There was no logo we could see, and blimps are mainly used for advertising. Well, that last photo we caught turns out to have the answer:

The Puzzle Blimp identified

It’s apparently Ameriquest’s “Airship Liberty” [] (or “Soaring Dreams,” depending on which part of the site you look at), described as “one of Ameriquest’s flying symbols of the American Dream of homeownership.” Okaaay, it’s distinctive, I’ll grant you that… but it’s not exactly identifiable. After seeing it four times over the course of two months and snapping a digital photo with the zoom on, we were able to read the logo on the cabin, then go to Ameriquest’s website and look for info.

Update: The site says “one of…” because they have another blimp, “Airship Freedom,” which is mostly red, has a blue and white star field on top, and a giant Ameriquest logo on the side. That’s a little more identifiable.

10 thoughts on “The Puzzle Blimp

  1. It’s unpredictable. Rather random. Big. Looks totally different viewed from different locations. Some people like it, for others it’s not their cup of tea. But it fascinates everyone.

  2. THANK YOU for the “Puzzle Blimp” info and pics. This blimp flew over my house today (in Tucson) and I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out whose blimp it was. Definitely more fun to look at than the Sanyo blimp that was here last month! Gotta admit though, that the time I’ve wasted trying to find out who this blimp belongs to makes me angry at Ameriquest. Their “advertising” backfired in this instance…

  3. Ameriquest 49 state Predatory lending settlement, 325.0000 million dollars for hurting Americans. NOT THE AMERICAN DREAM!

    Ameriquest is causing Americans to be homeless, they are heartless and don’t care about the borrower after they get their money.

    We get 300 to 600 hundred dollars for the loss of our homes, While Attorney Generals get to go to ameriquest Christmas party’s and get free Rolling Stone tickets plus $$$$. So while we suffer they are going to party’s and getting gift’s. Yes and all this partying while in settlement talks with Ameriquest and 49 state Attorneys. Just ask Attorney General Bill Locklear he went to Roland Arnalls for Christmas. Did he get gift? Did he give Gifts?

    Ameriquest is still hurting American Families and they say they are the Proud Sponsor of the American Dream? their motto is, Do the right Thing? One call does it all?

    For Questions about this you can contact Ameriquest spokesman Chris Orlando.

  4. Thanks for posting the information on the blimp. I drove around on Saturday trying to get a picture of the blimp, and I was very curious as to what it was for. All week I’ve been spotting it and wondering about it. Sadly, they have failed as an advertisement. At first I was curious about it, then I decided that it must just be someone’s personal blimp (perhaps a tourist attraction).

    After having to look for it for so long to find out what the blimp was for, I’m just annoyed that they made me work to figure out their ad.

  5. This Blimp flew over my house at about 200 ft. It was last summer{2005} and I was standing in my front yard. Palmetto Georgia to be exact. Heading due north, I to was wondering it’s origin. The Puzzle Blimp . I like that! The pilot turned and wagged his tail…..a sure sign she saw us waving…Happy Landings…..Randy Koehl

  6. I not only lost my home from roland but my job, my marriage, my dogs, tools, love of my children, sadness of my employees. I was left with nothing. I appealed to him personally as I was an an ameriquest employee. I was treated the same as everyone else. With a Flat No. Go Away and Die. Well I am the living dead. He is just dead. Poor Charlie

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