A few days ago, JMS announced that he was preparing to sell a 14-volume collection of all his Babylon 5 scripts, complete with new introductions and commentary. For never-before-seen stuff, the first volume includes a vastly different early draft of the script for the pilot episode, “The Gathering.” Even better, there’s a bonus fifteenth volume with alternate versions of several episodes, the series’ writers bible…and a 7-page write-up of the entire 5-year arc, as originally envisioned with Sinclair sticking around. (Oh, and the version of “The Gathering” that they finally filmed.)

Unfortunately, you can only get the bonus book by ordering the entire set, and the only ones I’d probably want would be #1 and #15.

Babylon5Scripts.com is online [update: moved to b5books.com], and collecting sign-ups for an email announcement list. The store is set to launch in October. More info in JMS’ post.

(These are only J. Michael Stracsynski’s scripts, but he wrote 93 of the 110 episodes, plus the pilot and all the TV movies. As far as I know, only one other B5 script has been published: Neil Gaiman’s script for “Day of the Dead” is available from the CBLDF online store.)

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  1. What was the name of that food Gerballdi cooked with the Doctor??? Im trying to make some Benakatta…something? correct spelling needed

  2. Babylon 5 serial and the movie. Loved them all. Was real upset when they did not continue the series.
    Have watch all the episodes many times and never get tired of them.

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