It’s hard to believe, but it’s been three years since the first post on this blog. I still think of myself as being kind of new at this, but at this rate, we’ll be in the old guard. Or at least the new old guard. 😉

Topics have shifted around. It started out as a personal blog with Sci-Fi overtones, and slowly took on more of a focus on humor, comics and tech. Posts in the early days were divided 60/40 between me and Katie. These days it’s more 90/10, partly because we’ve both shifted a lot of the personal stuff over to LiveJournal. Strange photos started showing up very early on, making up what are now the Strange World, You Must Be Mistaken, and Signs of the Times categories.

The site started on B2 and moved to WordPress when the project forked.

Even the title is subtly different. It started out as “Ramblings,” with a “K²” icon to the left. After a while, the icon became part of the title, and it’s been known as “K-Squared Ramblings” for most of those three years.

According to the WordPress Dashboard, we now have 912 posts and 961 comments (though that includes local pingbacks). Our most commented post yet, Another One Bites the Dust, boasts 46 comments and amazing examples of topic drift and search-term snowballing. It started out as a post about LA radio stations disappearing, and early conversation brought up the radio shows “Jamie, Frosty and Frank,” “Jamie and Danny,” and “Frosty, Heidi and Frank.” Later, people searched for the shows and found the post, adding their own comments, which made the page more relevant to the search, which meant more people found it…. It was posted 2½ years ago, and its most recent comment was yesterday!

We should see our 1,000th comment sometime in the next few months. Of course, if you include all the spam that’s been deleted, we hit that mark a long time ago. Three years ago, comment spam was almost unheard-of. These days you can’t run a blog without some sort of spam protection.

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