I’ve been writing a lot about the Golden-Age Flash lately. What with picking up the Comics Cavalcade Archives and discovering the imminent release of the second GA Flash Archives, I’ve gotten more interested in the era. Back when I was filling in my Silver-Age Flash collection (a process that took years!) I would occasionally look at the GA auctions on eBay, but figured they would be too expensive and never bid on any. Last week I decided to look again, picked an amount I’d be willing to spend, and bid on three auctions, figuring I’d be lucky if I won even one of them.

I won two.

So now I’m in the market for reader’s copies of Golden-Age Flash comics. There are a few in particular I’d like to pick up, though I suspect they’ll be the hardest to find in my budget. If you happen to have a reader’s copy of one of the following that you would be willing to sell at a two-digit price or trade for other comics, please let me know in the comments here. (Be sure to leave your email address!)

  • All-Flash #12 (Fall 1943) – Thinker
  • All-Flash #21 (Winter 1945) – Turtle
  • All-Flash #27 (February-March 1947) – Thinker
  • All-Flash #32 (December-January 1948) – Thinker
  • All Star Comics #37 (October-November 1947) – Thinker, Vandal Savage
  • Comic Cavalcade #22 (August-September 1947) – Thinker
  • Comic Cavalcade #23 (October-November 1947) – Thinker
  • Comic Cavalcade #28 (August-September 1948) – Fiddler
  • Comic Cavalcade #29 (October-November 1948) – Star Sapphire
  • Flash Comics #33 (September 1942) – Shade
  • Flash Comics #36 (December 1942) – Rag Doll
  • Flash Comics #89 (November 1947) – Thorn
  • Flash Comics #93 (March 1948) – Fiddler
  • Flash Comics #96 (June 1948) – Thorn
  • Flash Comics #102 (December 1948) – Turtle

Update: Please see my current wantlist.

Update: I’ve finally collected everything on this list!

9 thoughts on “Going for the Golden Age

  1. Hey,

    I was very impressed with your site. I spend hours reading most of the information you have typed up. Learned a lot… who would have thought I would have learned so much about flash after only looking for info about “The Trickster” when watching a episode of Justice League Unlimited.

    Anyways, to get to my point. My father has some old comic books and seemed to be a farily large fan of the Flash when he was a kid. I am willing to look through his comics and see if there are any that you have on your list. These comics are unfortunately not in the greatest condition (he had a very rare / early JLA worth near $2,000 in reasonable condition… unfortunately his was nearly half destroyed) anyways, if you are interested I can look in to it and see if there is anything there you need. He has been bothering me to sell his comics but I almost want to keep them for my self.

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you found the site interesting!

    And yes, I’d definitely appreciate it if you’d let me know of any issues
    of Flash Comics, All-Flash, or Comic Cavalcade you’d be willing to sell.
    The issues listed here are my high-priority list, but I’d like to fill in as much of each series as possible. I’ve got a more up-to-date list, including which ones I’ve tracked down so far, on the Golden-Age Accuracy page.

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