Here’s our first view of the island of Hawai‘i, as our plane approached on Sunday morning, April 3. Snow-capped Mauna Kea is rising out of the clouds, with Mauna Loa behind it.

View of Mauna Kea from the plane

A week later, we spent Sunday evening waiting for our flight out of Kona Airport. (After a disastrous experience at LAX in which we arrived 2 hours ahead and got to the gate with maybe 15 minutes to spare, we showed up early for the flight home. But Kona’s much smaller and better organized, so it took us maybe 15 minutes to check in. There wasn’t even a line to go through security!)

Kona airport at night

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on our Hawaiian vacation. I’m sorry it took so long to finish it, but hey, I managed (just barely) to beat the 6-month marker!

One thought on “Hawaii: First and Last Views

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories of Hawaii. My husband and I just returned from Oahu and the big island, Hawaii. We are celebrating our 50th year of Marriage! Our three kids sent us to Hawaii. Seeing your website brought back wonderful memories we have. Especially the lava tube. We walked through that one at the rain forest, and saw the steaming vents. We were not as adventurous as you were, walking to see the real stuff! The pictures you have are great! Those two huge skyscraper buildings as you come into Honolulu fascinated us too, and your picture is better than ours. We never got “positioned” just right to get them both at the same time. The architect of those buildings must have gotten paid a pretty penny – so unusual and unique. We saw the house that Ferdinand Marcos (exiled ex-Pres. of Philippines) lived in while he was in Honolulu a few years ago. A big grey house in a gated community up on the hill behind the Punchbowl Cemetery area.
    Thanks again!

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