The Wine Cube

Saw this at Target today. I suppose I shouldn’t be much of a wine purist, since I don’t drink much myself (I think we have one bottle in the apartment, and we haven’t opened it in the year+ we’ve had it)—but somehow I can’t bring myself to buy wine-in-a-box.

I mean, think about it. “You, me and a box of wine.” How appealing does that sound?

Then of course there’s the fact that the boxes are roughly the size of the Macintosh G4 Cube. And of course, that brings up thoughts of the WINE project (which allows many Windows applications to run on Linux), but of course that won’t run on a PowerPC chip…

6 thoughts on “The Wine Cube

  1. Hey, some boxed wine is actually quite good. In the US, box wine has a reputation as being cheap junk, but in other countries wine boxes are far more popular – easy to pour a glass, and it will stay fresh for a month (vs. a few days in a partially consumed bottle). My initial experience with Target’s Wine Cube (the 2003 Shiraz) was just fair, but the line has a good reputation overall.

  2. I think an American being a wine purist is an oxymoron. Europeans drink it is all types of containers and don’t think twice about it. Wine is wine…and the “purists” drink it out of a glass…regardless of where it came from.

    Keep trying boxed wine. It’s cheaper and they are actually starting to put good wine in it. 5 years…50% of wine sold will be in a box and no one will use a cork.

  3. Wine in a box isn’t that bad…
    We french have been drinking this for a long time, and you can easily find some very nice wine in a box, sometimes better than some bottles.

    Excellent wines are only packaged in bottles, yet that doesn’t mean that wine not packaged in a bottle is bad

  4. As always its not the container, it’s what’s put in it that counts. A grower friend of mine puts the same wine in the box as he does in the bottle. His view is that as long as you drink it within 6 months you can’t tell the difference.

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