JMS’ new site is getting more interesting all the time. Or rather, what he’s selling through the site. It started out as a 15-volume set of all of JMS’ Babylon 5 scripts, but it’s turned into, in Straczynski’s words, the definitive “Making of B5,” complete with production notes, backstage photos, introductions to each episode, etc.

Unfortunately all the really cool stuff is going into volume 15, which is only going to be available to people who order all of the first 14 volumes. A treatment of the 5-year arc with Sinclair in it all the way, alternate episodes, etc.

I’ve ordered Volume 1. Apparently they underestimated demand—people always underestimate demand for B5—because CafePress sent out a notice that “due to overwhelming popularity, your order for the Babylon 5 Script has been delayed. Our production team is working diligently to ensure that the books are printed as quickly as possible.”

5 thoughts on “B5 Scripts

  1. I got a “your order has been delayed” message — but two days later, I got a notice that my Volume 1 had shipped. Yay!

  2. My shipping notice finally came this morning!

    It’s kind of funny—I was so convinced I should blog this last night that I completely forgot that I’d already posted about the site twice over the past two months. I was even going to cite the “My people are coming” story, then decided to leave it out to keep the post short. After I hit “publish,” I looked at the B5 category, saw the older posts, and linked.

  3. Well, they’re large-format paperbacks, which always makes me nervous, but the paper’s closer to typing paper than newsprint. Not anywhere near what you’d get in a hardcover, but certainly better than the standard paperback. The one problem I’ve had is that after reading them, you sometimes have to set them underneath something heavy or the cover will curl upward a few inches.

    Several volumes include photos in the back, and while the photo quality isn’t great, it’s better than newpaper-quality. Not quite as good as B&W magazine photos, though that may be in part because the paper isn’t glossy.

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