Fallen Angel artwork by J.K. WoodwardChadwick H. Saxelid reviews the relaunched Fallen Angel book, which should be out sometime next month. There was a preview a couple of months ago, with just the first few pages of J.D. Woodward’s artwork, and it was stunning.

The series never sold well enough for DC, but the numbers were good for an indie book—and it was creator-owned. Peter David shopped it around a bit, and IDW offered Lee, Juris and Bete Noire a new home. The dark fantasy setting should fit in quite well there.

At the risk of repeating myself: I am so looking forward to this!

(via Peterdavid.net)

One thought on “When Angels Fall

  1. Ditto. I thought FA was great, but never a good fit for DC (without obligatory links to its Vertigo universe). I’m glad PAD had gotten this relaunched elsewhere. My order is in!

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