Since Star 98.7 has suddenly decided to play actual music in the mornings last week, I’ve listened to it a couple of times on the way to work. They do still seem to like playing the same 10 songs over and over again, so there’s only so much I can take before switching over to another station, but something strange jumped out at me about their new slogan.

“Today’s Music Alternative”

I’m sure they intend it to mean an alternative source for music, but it sounds like an alternative to music. And considering they’ve dropped their talk shows and DJs in favor of more time for music, I don’t think that’s the message they’re trying to convey.

6 thoughts on “Alternative to Music?

  1. I miss Jamie, Jack & Stench (okay, mostly Jack & Stench). I have to say I hated Jamie when she was on with Frosty & Frank. I stopped listening to Star because of that trio. Then I came back out of curiosity when it was Jamie & Danny. Stuck around for years. I liked Danny even through his self-destruct mode. When they fired him, I thought it was brilliant that they upped Jack and Stench to cohosts. They are both funny and really balance Jamie’s causticness. Now it’s just music and I have to switch the dial to keep myself from falling asleep on my morning commute. What the he** are they thinking at Star?

  2. What happened with Jamie, Jack & Stench?? I haven’t heard them in a week! Now it’s music and more music. Very, very boring ride to work without them! I’ve been listening the past week to maybe hear what happened but, nothing. No explaination! Thought Jamie would be on a while longer as she gets closer to her due date. But nobody’s there! Just boring music! Guess I’ll have to find a new station for my morning ride to work because I just can’t this nothingness I hear now!

  3. Now you know how it felt when we lost them in Denver. It’s been over a year. I had to listen on-line and read Jack’s Blog to know what was happening. Let’s get them back to Denver. At least Jamie, she was way better off with Frosty and Frank. Too bad Danny wasn’t there..he would have fought for something. Bring back Frosty, Jamie and Frank. They were the original and if it wasn’t for the 2 guys, Jamie wouldn’t be where she is today.

  4. […] The recent controversy over Star 98.7’s decision to drop their morning talk show (since reversed) and try out a new format brings up one of those great mysteries of the ages: Why do so many radio stations play the same small list of songs over and over? […]

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