Facebook still insists it’s totally OK for them to help politicians lie to you for $$$.

Not just misleading ads, or controversial opinions, or varying interpretations, but outright lies. Totally fine with it!

Facebook says they don’t want to be in the business of fact-checking, but they have policies against false commercial advertising. Truth in advertising is critical because commerce requires trust and informed choices.


It’s even more important in politics.

Billboard pair: Legs have feelings too.

It’s not quite as good as the Microsoft Surface billboards I saw a few years back, but it’s the first pair since then to prompt me to share a photo. The two signs are usually rented out together, but advertisers typically just pick two boards from a campaign. I appreciate the effort to design a pair of signs that only really make sense together.

Even if it does seem to suggest that you’ll be dismembered in order to fit better on the airplane.

When I was a kid, motels still advertised “COLOR TV!” on their signs to entice weary drivers to choose their facilities over the next one down the road. I’m pretty sure color TV was standard by then, but the signs remained.

These says, every motel I drive past has “Wi-Fi” on the sign, for the same reason.

Except it’s not quite the same. I mean…can you imagine if color TV was included with every room at the Motel 6, but you had to pay extra for it at a business class or nicer hotel?

That would be kind of silly, wouldn’t it?