Start your own cable company like Jack and Jill* did!

Hello!  We're Time Warner Cable!  (With a picture of two children.)

This showed up in our latest cable bill. Time Warner is taking over from Comcast, and while their “Hello, my name is ____” campaign makes sense in a sort of cutesy way, I can’t figure out the logic of this one.

Though I imagine many people would agree that their cable company acts like it was run by eight-year-olds.

*I was trying to think of something to name the kids. My first thought was something like Wakko and Dot, but it didn’t fit the tone. Then I thought of Jack Warner, and Jill was obvious.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Kids!

  1. Hmm, yeah, same tactic (appeal by association), different target (men vs. families).

    Though now I’m picturing some bikini model draped across a car, with the caption, “Hi, I’m (name of company that does custom cars).”

  2. Heh. Yeah, it’s become a bit cliched, at this point, so I don’t usually give’em a second glance.

    AT FIRST, though, I was powerfully drawn from the poultry section to the periodicals section of the grocery store.

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