I went to Worldcon 64/L.A.Con IV on Saturday. Mainly I went to a couple of panels, checked out the art show and the dealer’s room, and looked at some exhibits.

Out in the exhibit hall, near the art show, someone had set up this display:

Pluto Needs Rocks - display board

It’s too small to read at this size, so I’ve transcribed it:

Help us save a world!

On August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union declared that a celestial body must meet three criteria to become a planet

  1. It must orbit the Sun.
  2. It must be round.
  3. It must clear its own orbital path of random rocks.

By this criteria, we found that Pluto, long the distant guardian of our solar system, was no longer a planet.

We are resolved to correct this.

We have a plan.

The IAU definition is a good, useful definition for a planet. So we’re not going to challenge the law.

We’re going to fix Pluto, and you can help. Our plan is simple.

  1. Collect rocks.
  2. Throw rocks at Pluto, increasing its mass.
  3. When Pluto gains enough mass, it will clear its orbital path and, by IAU definition, regain the title of planet.

We need your help.

Help us save a world.

Pluto needs rocks!

Please, think of the planets. Together, we can make a difference.

Brought to you by GT. Rebuilding worlds, one rock at a time.

Below the display was a cardboard box:

Cardboard box with rocks labeled Pluto thanks you!

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