I was browsing the DVD releases at Target this weekend, and saw the box for Bring it On: All or Nothing. I did a double-take, because right there on the cover was Claire Bennet from Heroes:

Bring it On: All or Nothing DVD cover Claire Bennet

Yes, shortly before Hayden Panettiere played a cheerleader with super-powers on Heroes, she played a cheerleader in a direct-to-video sequel to Bring it On. The uniform is even the same color scheme!

She’s probably safe from being typecast, though. She’s done quite a bit of work, and something tells me Claire isn’t going to be cheering—or particularly cheerful, for that matter—anytime soon.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the Heroes Wiki is was a fascinating and addictive site.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of the Invulnerable Cheerleader

  1. I love Hayden she is just the best, and I love Bring it on too! I saw they were going to be showing it on ABC Family on March 25th! I am so excited 2 of my favorite things!

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