Look for the Spartans.

Whew! I’ve been sorting and labeling all evening, and I finally posted this year’s San Diego Comic-Con photos!

I’m still adjusting the descriptions and titles and such, so the text will change a bit over the next day or two, but all the photos are up! 293 pictures of costumes, convention sights, San Diego and more! And read on for all our SDCC 2007 posts!

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4 thoughts on “Comic-Con Photos are up for 2007!

  1. K-

    thanks for posting all those, it took me right back to the times i went to the SDCC!

    my fav costumes:
    Male: Blackhawk–way cool and not one you see much!
    Female: Mary Marvel–costume was excellent, and the girl had that cutie-pie look perfect for MM

  2. Thanks for posting all those the pics. I followed you over from CSBG. and am glad, because I thought I noticed blood on that woman’s head over there. Having not seen the show/movie I didn’t know what kind of thing you had going on in your hotel room that night!

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